TBR’s Top Running Links

Here is my ever growing list of favorite links. I visit these sites regularly (mostly during short breaks from design work):



  1. Runner’s World – My “bible” for running. Love this site.
  2. PhotoVendo – No need to bring your camera at races.  PhotoVendo takes photos of all runners at specific races.  Shots are taken by professional photographers and uploaded to their site for your perusal.  Just type in your bib number, order, and photos are delivered right at your doorstep.
  3. New York Road Runners (NYRR) – Very informative site. I also enjoy reading about how races go in the U.S. and I just drool with envy at how much more support runners get over there.
  4. Mile Markers – Kristin Armstrong, single mom and ex-wife of Lance, shares her passion for running. I find her very insightful and inspiring.
  5. Triathlon Organization of The Philippines (TRAP) – I’m not a triathlete but I like checking out this site often. I don’t think there’s a site that comes close to this for runners in the Philippines.
  6. Nike Running – Further adds fuel to the fire I have for running—mainly because of the cool graphics and the new apparel. Slow loading site though.
  7. Fit Pod – Power music that comes free.

5 Responses to “TBR’s Top Running Links”

  1. Nick Says:

    Hey BR or others,
    In your meanderings have you come across any running clubs in Manila? I like a run, but its better in a group.

  2. bullrunner Says:

    Hey nick,
    Join the H@ppy Feet Runners—recently set up by Michelle. Go here to sign up.

  3. hitme64 Says:

    speaking of runner’s world, have you seen the july 2007 issue? oopps spoke too soon…

  4. Ronnie Celestial Says:

    Hi Bull Runner,

    I recall in high school and college, there used to be a “Night Runners’ Club” in Ultra back in the 80’s. Are there running clubs similar to this currently? Are there any around Makati so there’s proximity to the office?

    Thanks much.


  5. Vincent Says:

    Hey I am looking for running mates and places in manila

    I used to be in shape (back in germany:) and i try to safe at least a part of my fitness,

    anybody interested?

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