About The Bull Runner

I am Jaymie a.k.a. The Bull Runner. Nope, I am not a matador (duh). I am a 30-something wife and mother of two based in Manila, Philippines who is passionate about graphic design (my day job), baby sign language (my weekend job), macs, oatmeal, peanut butter, painting, and last but not the least, running.


In December 2006, after a year of walking on my beloved treadmill, I decided to increase the pace. The faster I went, the more I enjoyed it. When I started to run, I didn’t want to stop. Since then, I’ve been running six times a week and, were it not for my delicate knees, I would run farther and longer. I enjoy my saturday runs the most: a long run on the road where I take in the scenery and allow my mind to wander aimlessly while my feet do all the work. I’ve ran 5k, 10k, and half marathons, and I want more.


In the long run (no pun intended), my goal is to run a full marathon, of course (New York sounds good!)

I want this blog to grow as I do when it comes to running. In these pages, you’ll find everything about running—from my coach’s tips to the next best marathon in Manila (see my List of Races) and beyond. If it’s about running then I shall write about it here.

So enough of the warm up. Come on and run with me.



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  1. nich Says:

    I never would’ve igured you to be a runner! πŸ™‚ It’s good that you’re keeping fit. Very interesting and inspiring blog…

    Take care!


  2. bullrunner Says:

    Neither did I! zzzolid noh?! haha πŸ™‚
    Thanks for visiting Nich!

  3. Rico V. Says:

    I’ve known Jaymie for 16 years now (that’s half her life), and I never thought that she would take any sport seriously. I remember when we were in high school she always wore biking shorts (spandex) and her Dragonfly shoes…sabi ko: “Wow and sporty!” yun pala that’s just her everyday outfit.

    It’s nice to know that you’ve found your sport…i’m sure it will inspire a lot of your readers not only in running, but also in life itself.

  4. Manolet Says:

    Hi! I share the same passion for running as you have. I wish I saw your blog earlier, that way I might have been able to join you and coach B. I have to leave the country by the 25th to go back to work. But, I will be registering for the Champion run before the 16th. I was able to register also for a 10 miler-Runnex run tom at UPD. I’m really not sure if I will do the right thing, run a 10k a week after a 16k; but, the only way to find out is to experience it. As Nike always says, “Just do it.” I wish you and your knees all the best. Run! Run! Run!

  5. Pia Cayetano Says:

    im so proud of you jaymie! you are such an inspiration to all newbie runners, women (i’m sure men too) and any wanna be fit person.
    Your blog is great. I will link it to my soon-to-be-launched Pinay in Action blog.
    Meanwhile, u can check my current blog mydailyrace.blogspot.com where I talk about my sports, my work and well, my life.
    keep it up jaymie, the running, the blogging and all your wonderful work. Hey, write for me in my other soon to be launched breastfeeding blog.
    all the best.

  6. bullrunner Says:


    Uso kasi yung biking shorts at dragonfly noon! All of us girls used to wear that. Kakahiya! hahaha. thanks for dropping by!


  7. bullrunner Says:

    Hey manolet,
    Good luck with your runs! Wow you’re going to have a busy two weeks haha. Just make sure you pace yourself and take care of your knees and feet. πŸ™‚
    When you get back to manila, feel free to email about our runs with Coach B. We’re all in this for the long haul so we’ll all still probably be running when you get back.

  8. bullrunner Says:

    Hi Pia,

    Thanks a lot for visiting. πŸ™‚ And thanks in advance for agreeing to be my first interviewee here! I’m personally super curious about your training program. How do you find the time?! I can barely fit in my runs with my schedule. I can’t imagine yours considering you have to worry about the entire country! haha.

    Wow, you’re blog is a great read. Campaigning on a bike? Spending your birthday swimming in thailand? I don’t think i’ll ever experience what you’ve been through so I hope you continue to write and allow me to live your adventure!

    Just let me know when you need the breastfeeding article. I have a lot of time since maxibulletin just went to press. hahaha! By the way, I’m so glad it’s back!

    Take care,

  9. renz Says:

    hi jaymie! thanks for visiting my site. yep just a newbie too! but unlike you i don’t have a coach. so i guess i’ll be visiting your site m ore often to get some second hand tips from you coming from coach B! πŸ™‚

    see you around races!

    takbo pinay!

  10. Niza Reyes Says:

    Hi! I’m Niza Reyes and I chanced upon your website as I was looking for races here in the Philippines.

    I am a 41 year old doctor who started running 3 years ago. Like you, no one would have expected me to be a runner. I did not even walk around the UP Diliman oval even once when i was studying there. But now I’ve completed a number of 10ks, 3 10milers and the new balance power race last year. Whenever I race, there are very few women like me.

    I’m so glad that there are more women discovering the joy of running. I also have 2 kids and run the treadmill 4 times a week and do my long runs on Sundays in UP Diliman with my husband. I just had to write this becuase of our similarities.

    Hopefully, our paths will cross in one the upcoming races. I also hope I can find a coach like you did. Unfortunately, I live all the way here in San Juan. I hope Coach b can recommend a running coach around this area.

    Run well,
    Niza Reyes

  11. bullrunner Says:

    Hi renz, thanks for dropping by. See you in the races!
    Hi Niza,
    You’re right! We sure do have a lot in common πŸ™‚ I can only hope I can run as many races as you have in 3 years.
    I’ll ask Coach B if he knows anyone.

  12. Janice Crisostomo-Villanueva Says:

    Hey sister! Congratulations on your blog and your new found passion! I watch with pride and amazement as you work hard to reach your goals (5k, 10k….going going and going…), beam with joy (and perspiration, hehe) and conquer your inhibitions (see your running attire!!).

    Take care while you’re out there and know what, I’m betting you’ll be running in New York very very soon! …need a photographer? πŸ™‚


  13. Janice Crisostomo-Villanueva Says:


    Uso nga naman bike shorts and dragonfly non…me nga bike shorts and Tretorn e (at least mas sosyal) heehee:-)


  14. Tricia Bau Says:

    Hi Jaymie,

    Charley told me about your blog and I had to check it out.

    I also just started running and I love it!!! I am still trying to get the courage to actually run a race…the Run for Peace looks doable so maybe I’ll see you there.

    Congratulations on your blog. Continue to write and share with us your running tips. I’ve been going from bookstore to bookstore trying to find good running books to read and learn from.

    See you soon.

  15. E-Rod Says:

    You started walking on a treadmill, then you moved to running 5Ks, and now you’re doing 10Ks. And after you finish a marathon, it’s not gonna be enough, and you’re gonna want more, more, more miles to get your running fix. We need intervention here please. Well, at least you admit that you ARE addicted to running which means you’re past the denial stage. πŸ™‚

    Stay healthy and injury-free.

  16. bullrunner Says:

    E-Rod, yes, I am The Bull Runner and I am a runaholic. πŸ™‚ Aren’t you? πŸ™‚

  17. hitme64 Says:

    now that you’re in it…i mean running of course…i tell you its gonna be a hit-and-miss affair…some runs you hit it big, some you miss the mark…i’ve been to 13 races already in just a year and a half of competitive running, all of them 10k’s (except my very first run which was a 3k) and some were good runs, some were not-so-good ones, some were disastrous hahaha…

    anyway, welcome to the running community…am 43 years old (can i say that?) but i can outrun and outpace guys well within their 30s…we have a rather middle-aged running fraternity (and sorority if i may say) so you’d notice that most runners in these competitions are within our age range…

    i run because i want to…i join because i want to run and to finish…that’s my goal always…maybe someday i’ll also think about the prize…but hey, i don’t bother about that…

    see you someday in the races…in the meantime, plod on…good luck and say hi to pia for me (big grin…maybe she’ll also visit my blog…)

    btw, my coach is my Nike + iPod sports kit…great motivator, quiet road assistant hahaha

  18. E-Rod Says:

    Bull, I’m not a runaholic. I’m not, I’m not, I’m not!!! πŸ™‚

  19. Jo Says:

    Hey Sis!!!!
    Finally found your site!!!! Galeng!!!! I can’t believe it but I am so happy for you! Is Miguel also into it? I know Anton is starting to run also, where do you run? Forza sis!

  20. Oli Says:

    I began running just recently (March 07) and have since been hooked. Started joining fun runs (Champion Run 5K, JAL Run for a Cause 5K, adidas King of the Road 5K) and I can relate with your running obsession. Chanced upon your site when I was googling for adidas KotR results. This is a really nice and motivating blog which will be in my Bookmarks and RSS reader. Looking forward to more of your entries!

    (Btw, I felt compelled to write also cuz I realized you were also the one doing Baby Signs classes! My wife and I attended one of your sessions back in 2005. That was useful especially for our eldest daughter!)

  21. bullrunner Says:

    Hey Oli,

    We should form a baby signing running parents club. But maybe we would be the only members! hahaha .

    Thanks for dropping by and keep on running!

  22. Chaia Says:

    Hi Jaymie,

    I’m Chaia. I am glad to have found and immediately bookmarked your site. I’m a novice runner, and saw the KTR last Sunday, i was running my first “Run” on Mandarin Hotel’s Fun Run.

    I was able to invite 3 of my male friends and they thought they were happy i had invited them and they’d never stop running again.

    Your website is inspirational for everyone who wanted to run for any cause πŸ™‚


  23. Chuckster Says:

    Hi Bullrunner!

    So nice of you to have stumbled onto my blog earlier today! Hehehe…
    So, you think I look nothing like my old self? Hehehe… well, I was chubby then… I lost a lot of pounds since… and well, yeah, maybe it’s also the hair! Haha!

    I checked out your blog as well. Cool… you love running, eh? Marathon and all that stuff… and your family’s into it too. Nice!

    We β€œkinda” have something in common I guess… I love bodybuilding, and cardio takes up a huge chunk of my time over at the gym. Low impact though… so running isn’t one of em. Brisk walking maybe and some bike time.

    So sorry to hear bout your little incident at the mall. Hope you’re feeling much better!

  24. Mary 715 Says:

    Hi Jaymie!

    I super love your running blog here…congratulations! You have been an inspiration to a newbie like myself and I can relate to your experiences being a 30-something wife and mom of two as well. The first race I ran was the Adidas KOTR and even if my time was a pathetic 45 mins for 5k I super enjoyed it. =) Been scheduling other races I want to join thanks to your “list of races” . Hopefully I’ll keep on improving my time on the 5k and build myself up to a 10k run before the year ends.

    Keep on running!

  25. Mai Mai Says:

    Hey Jaymie!

    I love how you designed your blog, and your entries are quite entertaining and inspiring. Wish I had your love for running. Please say hi to Anton for me πŸ™‚

  26. jun29 Says:

    i’m no competitive runner but i do run, lots. but maybe i want to be very competetive one day. am i spelling “competitive” right? feels like should be e between the ts. anyways, i was looking at the photos and it looks like running has picked up in te islands. it’s just nice reading your run blogs. write more please. has the same running fever struck the visayas, you know?

  27. Marcvill Says:

    I remember, I used to always join FunRun events back in high school. But now, I’m too fat.

    Run! Run! Run!

  28. mandie Says:

    GREAT site, especially the run skeds. we don’t have this in the 80’s.
    just started running again (this june) after retiring from a multinational company after 20 years in service. . . . and 60 lbs later.
    want to be a runner again, trim down to 170-160 lbs, lower my uric, cholesterol level . . . and set a “physically fit lifestyles”/example to my 2 kids (teenagers).
    my sister and wife joined a fitness club (F-1), sabi ko di naman kailangan yan, gusto niyo lang may ka-tsismisan and pumorma. . . ang mahal pa !
    kaya i bought a running and cross trainer, at nag simula ulit akong . . . “magsukat ng kalye”. . . . the term my Nanay used when i’m running.

    alam mo, one of my greatest feeling is after a long run, take a quick shower and then having the “clean sweat” dripping from your body . . . and sarraappp . . . “priceless ika nga”. . . . MURA pa! . . . LIBRE nga eh !


  29. pinoy_hatdog Says:

    Hiya, chanced upon your blog, though I can’t exactly remember where (most likely from the PinoyRunners group).

    Just thought I’d say hi, and I really enjoyed reading through your entries. It’s always great to hear about “converts” into the very addicting sport of running. I myself am a self-professed “addict”.. and I’m mighty proud of it too!


  30. mandie Says:

    hi bull runner,
    haven’t you heard of the Soroptomist Breast Cancer Run 3/5/10k on Oct.7 ?
    this is for a great cause , since we (our family) has cancer genes.


    keep on runnin’

  31. Ricky S. Says:


    Hi! I just discovered your blog. I was searching for a covered oval to run during lunchbreaks and led me to your Blog. Anyway, I’m staying in Pasig and just wondering if you know a running group I can join within my area.

    Thank you.

    Ricky S.

  32. Jinoe Says:

    Seeing your list of runs, I am impressed with the improvements. Keep it up. Hope to meet you in one of the fun runs in the city.

  33. Louie Says:

    Hi, great site, I got here through pinoyrunners@yahoogroups.
    I see we share the same goals – that is, to be able to complete a 21k race and eventually a full marathon.
    I’ve been running for about five years now, but so far I’ve only completed a 10k race. I guess my endurance training needs improvement.
    Thought you’d like to know that there’s an upcoming run on Nov.25 – the Yakult 10 Miler Challenge (organized by RACE). I’m currently training for it.
    Well anyway, thanks for this informative site and do continue to keep us readers up to date about your races.

  34. Mario Says:

    Hi Jamie,

    Very informative site, congrats!!! I accidentally got your site while looking for schedule of runs. I was a member of Direct Link Running Club 2 years ago and now start running again after reaching my 50th bday last sept. 12. I am now running around Filinvest Alabang, a nice place to run.

    Hope to see you in future run.

  35. K Says:

    Hi there! Your website is inspiring, and i agree with you wholeheartedly that running does make a big difference!I am also a 30-something mom, recently single by choice, with 3 amazing kids. I was never the athletic type, in fact i ws very sickly, but after a loving man showed me the wonders of exercise, right diet and running, it really helped me a lot to be a stronger person-literally and figuratively. I saw your schedule of races, and boy was I envious!That is my next goal now – to run in a race, even if I dont win, I just wanna be able to say that I was able to do it! maybe, when I go home. For now, I just run by myself here.Still, I share in your passion!its wonderful!

  36. Gelo Says:

    hey bull runner!

    I came across your blog looking for races this coming months. Surprise, surprise I immediately recognized you being the one who overtook me at the Adidas GK run for love. You had a very good pace. Keep up the running and keeping us informed with the races! Thanks!


  37. Tom Atchison Says:

    Hi Jaymie,

    My name is Tom Atchison and I will be moving to Alabang in early to mid-Jan. Currently I live in Chiang Mai, Thailand and, though leaving here will be quite difficult, I am looking forward to joining a new running community. Any advice you can give me on how to link up with clubs in the area would be most appreciated.

  38. dreamchaser Says:

    hey bull runner!

    i just chanced upon your site. i think my other friends from the office who run, do visit your blog too. πŸ™‚

    still not a “real” runner, but for the heck of it (and so many other reasons) i tried out the animo run earlier today. looks like i’m about to get hooked. πŸ™‚ looking forward to doing some serious running soon, hehe.

    i regularly read the blogs of kristin armstrong and sen. pia cayetano. loving your blogs too. think you’ll have a new follower.

    hope to bump into you sometime. πŸ™‚

  39. Chris Says:

    hi bullrunner!

    I chanced upon your site when i was going around looking for races for next year. Im a “pinoy running virgin”(thats my profile name in runners world) but after losing weight (i used to be 225ibs) and attending all these cardio classes (combat,etc…), ive succumb, after many months of prodding from my trainer to start running. anyway, little by little, ive found running to be both a pleasure and a challenge (but i guess consistency is the key). im just glad &” thankful to have stumbled on to your blog (or is this fate? hmmm)


  40. venice nepomuceno Says:

    Hi Jaymie,

    I think your blog is both smart and neat!!!

    From an avid runner to another, I’d like to wish you a fun and safe New Running Year!

  41. Beni Ancheta-Veloso Says:

    HI Jaymie!!
    Great great site! Had I known…I would have corresponded a lot earlier. Ka-ka inspire ha! Since we last saw each other during Pia’s race (also in serendra pala), I vowed to myself to (TRY :)) to get back to shape.
    Thanks for posting the future races!! Big, big help.


  42. liaa Says:

    Hi jaymie
    I’m also a mom 34yrs and want to be in shape again Do I need serious training to join these runs? Which run will you join in 2008? Pls reply
    Thank you very much

  43. Mich Says:

    Hi! What’s your email address? Just wanted to ask some things regarding the marathon schedules you posted.

    Hope to hear from you. =)

  44. Angela Says:

    I’m a student of Ateneo who lives in the south and has recently been involved in running. Apart from my other sports, running is such a bliss for me as well. Your site has been soooo useful in keeping me updated on races. Thank you so so much for having this. More power! πŸ™‚

  45. George Says:

    Hi BullRunner,

    I came upon your website by accident middle of 2007, I’ve just been running for a little over a year and was looking for listings of other Fun Runs and your stie appeared on Google. Anyway I’m planning to organize a Fun-Run for our High School batch, how do I get started on this? The venue? Logistics? singlets? etc. Is there someone or some group I can contact , that does this professionally? Thanks.

    Your writeup are motivating and inspiring. Keep it up!! =)

  46. pinoyrunner.com Says:

    hi bullrunner,

    This is one of the best blog site I have seen about local running. Your blogs just gives us all the inspiration to pursue this hobby (perhaps till we turn gray and old). You give us the enthusiasm and the drive to push through with the sport.

  47. mandie Says:

    why the change of logo? parang naging macho na?
    anyway, the site is still great.
    keep on running !

  48. markfb Says:

    Yup, its manly now. I like the old graphics better. ; ) What’s the story behind the change?

  49. joe Says:

    hmmm…. the new logo is indeed something a young boy would pick πŸ™‚ maybe you should make the “mean” bull wear pink rubbershoes to make it less mean πŸ™‚ still a great blog though! glad you’re able to run again! don’t rush it though…. keep on running!

  50. chris Says:

    hi jaymie,
    this is a cool website. I’m glad running is picking up in the PI.
    I am a runner and triathlete( did the Ironman Arizona) pinoy based
    in the US. Im concentrating on running right now hoping of qualifying for
    boston this year QT 3:20. I would like to run a marathon in the PI(if i could
    survive the heat) but i would be frequenting this site often to know
    what the going ons in of running in the PI is. i am also a kidney transplant
    recipient. w/c after my transplant got into endurance activities. More power to your website.
    Chris Domine
    Foster City

  51. Eric C. Pasion Says:

    Hi Jaymie!

    Amazing. All a long, I thought you were a guy… I wasn’t paying much attention. I wonder if we’re relatives… I’m Eric Crisostomo Pasion, I’m a student from UP. I must admit, it is interesting bumping into your site. I wonder if I could get your email address to send you some material. I’m working on this project that I was wondering if you’d want to be a part of it. πŸ™‚

    Hope to hear from you sooN!

  52. mandie Says:

    congrats for the successfull return of the comeback !
    just left for doha, qatar last monday.
    sana you organize a fun run when i comeback for whichever fund raising you might want to do.
    now running 30 minutes everyday, to wane away the homesick.
    stay safe (learn from your past mistakes) and keep on running !

  53. EP Says:

    Hi, have you heard of the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTex) Event already, dubbed the 94K Weekend slated on April 18-20, 2008. They’ll have the 5K, 10K, 42K & 94K runs only. How about 21K? ;D The event management partner is Media Meter (Carol Clavecilla@media-meter.com/0926-701-3088), should be interested. πŸ™‚

  54. runforchange Says:


    It’s up already. http://runforchange.wordpress.com. Sayang I was not able to meet you today at the Mizuno run. Maybe the next event. πŸ™‚

  55. ricky santillan Says:

    Hi. Am not sure if you remember me but I recall you were just a baby when I knew your siblings in that village we lived in. I thought I did recognize seeing you at the Mizuno Infinity Run. I was doing the 10k then and just got back to running since I returned to the Philippines. Interestingly enough we are in the same egroup since I got invited by Ben Chan who does some photography work for us.

    Good to see another champion for the running cause.

  56. moloki Says:

    hi! i’m new at running and i find your site very interesting and helpful. just a question: would you know someone who’s willing to train me? i live around the alabang and las pinas area and i work in makati. pls. do recommend someone i can contact.

    thanks so much! hope to see you personally in one of these races!

  57. 26miler Says:

    Hi Bullrunner!
    I just learned of your site very recently. I have been running for 25 years but I have been out of circulation since 2006. Romance swooped me away from running. Yep, I got married last year and now after settling down, I want to resume my running career. Anyways, it’s a long story of how I have continued running after running in my college days.

    Well, I really want to congratulate you for creating this site. I used to send emails to runner friends about race schedules and you have compiled them all in this website. If I am not mistaken this is the only website for pinoy runners. Good job!

    Well, hope to see you in the races. I will run my “comeback” race next sunday April 20 in the Global City Run. Looking forward to seeing old and new runners in our hot humid mornings. God bless you!


  58. eds ochoa Says:

    hi jaymie, eds ochoa here publisher of ONESPORT. it’s a FREE monthly sports and fitness events guide that we distribute in fitness gyms, sports centers, sports shops (like mizuno) and other sports and fitness related stores.maybe youv’e seen a copy of it already.

    it is basically a directory and a calendar of all sports and fitness events happening around the country every month. and i have been checking your site for running events in the metro. you have a good blogsite here. keep it up.

    please keep me posted of all running events in your community.will help promote it in our magazine. you can email us at onesportfilipinas@gmail.com if you want your event schedules to be included. it’s all free.

    also, do you have like a runners yahoogroups we can subscribe to?

    many thanks and more power!

  59. Ola Granola Says:

    Hi Bull Runner!

    Hope you don’t mind. We linked your website from our company’s multiply site – olagranola.multiply.com.

    We are a group of students in the business of manufacturing granola bars. We’ve been in the Animo Run, Subic Marathon, and the Condura Run.

    Thank you and again, we hope you don’t mind.

    Get Hooked on Health

  60. Lia Says:

    Hi thebullrunner,

    I stumbled upon your blog when I was looking for a list of races. I just recently got interested in running, when I started going to the gym again a couple of months ago. I was planning to join the OYM race the past weekend, but I’m afraid I’m injured after a 5k run(hip pain, whenever weight is put on my right foot). So, I was wondering if you know where I could have a check up, or any tip what’s the best thing to do to quickly recover. I really wanna join the Global City race this coming weekend, but at this state, I won’t be able to.

    Your blog is very helpful to newbie runners like me. I know that you’re sooo far ahead compared to me when it comes to running, but I don’t feel intimidated when I read your blog, it’s entertaining. πŸ™‚

    Thanks. πŸ™‚

  61. ronnie Says:

    congrats to your site!

    God bless!

  62. ibet Says:


    I’ve been a fan of your site since I started running last year (2007). The list of races you posted is really helpful. Keep up the good work and hope to see you in one of the running events!

    Thanks. πŸ™‚

  63. Rowena Says:

    Hi bullrunner!

    I’m really glad I found your site while looking for races in the Philippines. I really want to run but I’ve been starting and stopping and now I need to start all over again. Maybe a running coach will help because I think someone has to push me to do this. Can you or your coach recommend one? I live in QC.

    I have to go through your site some more. I am sure I can learn a lot from you. I hope someday I can find as much joy from running as you do.

    Thanks. πŸ™‚

  64. Bbeauty Says:

    Hi bullrunner!

    Thanks for the “List of races this 2008”. Your blog Just motivated me more to run and create a long term goal in running.

    I was a varsity back in Zobel and UP but after having 4 kids and now at my 30’s i never thought it would be possible for me to run again. The blogs and comments posted here just inspired me to push more and make it all possible.

    I guess it doesn’t really matter what age / body frame / record / you made wether you are a novice in running or an athlete / triathlete….as long as you have feet and the heart to run…you will finish the race at your own pace!

    So for those who are just starting and wish to start running it’s never too late……

    Friendly reminder: safety first before anything…..please make sure to cool down and stretch after a passionate run.

    Keep on running and God Bless!

  65. jannette Says:

    hi! im new here, i just keep on searching about joggers ‘coz i want to jog also and problem with me is that i dont have any friends near my place, (guadalupe, makati near the fort) i was wondering if you could help me so that i can go out and jog and meet new people around since i really want to jog. i hope you could guide me to where i should set my foot to run near my place. thanks!
    email please


  66. Allanfred Says:

    Its been quite awhile that I’ve been into running at first its some sort of recreation to me until eventually I felt to love and embrace it. running is one tremendous form of scaling human endurance and stamina. I’ve been running in the Makati Park during saturday and sunday usually from 5am-8am.

    I’m just too glad to found your site as its a vital tool to people who share the same passion in running. I do look forward to run side by side with you guys in the coming race with a fervent hope that I can keep up the pace with you thought it may seem impossible.

    By the way there is a Fun Run this coming June 22, 6Am. 5k, 10k, 15k for the Makati area District 2. Infront of Makati Park. I will post the detail soon. thnks. til then and keep Runnin….


  67. Sherwin Tan Says:

    Dear Bull Runner,

    I’m inviting you to join the Runnex Philippines running club held at U.P. every Sunday. Assembly time is at Plaridel Hall 5:30am, well do a little streching and warm up excercise and run at 6am. There are 4 groups, which consist of Intermidiate 1, 2, 3 & Advance. I hope you would join us and looking to run with you.

    Best regards

  68. AM Says:

    Hi, I didn’t know how to send you a personal message.
    Anyway, do you mind if I link your List of Races in my webpage? It’s very useful.

  69. Monica Eleazar Says:

    You are an inspiration! I never liked running. I have a brown belt in taekwondo and could do almost every other sport but never had the affair with running. Now I practice yoga which is my true love. πŸ™‚

  70. Bing Says:

    Hi Jaymie,

    I used to run when I was younger. I was a regular at the UP academic oval during my student days. I did the 10K route but now I couldn’t even run a 100 m. There were lots of excuses – motherhood, work, old age (hahaha). I’m aching to one day be able to run again (and perhaps join a marathon?) but I don’t have the confidence. Your story – as well as the stories of other runners who have families, day jobs, and yes, aged – has inspired me to do something.

    Thanks and God bless,

  71. highaltitude Says:

    inspirational blog!

  72. Philip Says:

    Are you going to do the milo marathon this year if you dont have the stomach problems of last year?

  73. thefitmommy Says:

    Hi Jaymie! I’m into exercise and fitness and all that. But I really disliked running – until I saw your blog. Thanks for giving me that nudge to RUN. And Run I did πŸ˜€

  74. Isa Says:


    Ever since I started running last year, around November 2007, I found my way to your site and it has been a source of fun, inspiration and education for me regarding my new passion.

    My question is, I have been running outside, but its been raining so hard, my mom finally decided to get me a gym, but I’m worried that if I run on the treadmill, I won’t be able to run as well when I run outside again.

    Can I train for 2 10K races I’m planning to join (my first 2 10 Ks!) on September through the treadmill, and perhaps running outside on Sundays?

  75. KC Marshment Says:

    Thanks for the info your web page provides on races. I am 57 now, have been seriously running for 25 years. Have been lucky enough to do 26 marathons and a ton of 5ks, 10ks, and half marathons as well. Still manage to get in 40 to 50 miles a week. I also do the hash house harrier runs aorund the Philippines – they are more well known for drinking beer, but a lot of them are actually good runners and a number just drink softies as well! Some of the runs in the country trial are quite spectacular. The once a month sunday grou here in Manila (website http://www.geocities.com/makatimetromanilah3/makatimetromanilah3.html) is family oriented and lets kids run as well. Hope to see you at one of the races down the lilne!


  76. thumbie Says:

    hi! i would like to invite you to join the “run for your life” on aug. 17 at the UP campus. pls. email thumbieremigio@yahoo.com for details. thannks!

  77. Jundel95 Says:

    Hi Bull Runner,

    I am a fun runner who would like to take running a bit more seriously and your blog has been a good source of encouragement and motivation keep up the meaningful work and keep sharing the passsion.

    Incidentally, I have recently joined the team behind The North Face Philippines, and The TNF 100 was my baptism of fire (or should I say mud? πŸ˜‰ ) in more ways than one. Results of the race are now available at http:// tnf.mobile-synergy.com

    I will also post the link in “The Tough TNF” thread for the info of your many readers. Thanks and hope to run into you (pun intended) somewhere down the road or trail, as the case may be.


  78. Sandy Says:


    I’ve been lurking in your site quite recently, and I find it very fun and informative. Just started running this year, started from being a total couch potato, and I am hooked. I just finished the San Francisco Marathon (with the worst PR). NYM sounds cool, but they say nothing beats a Honolulu Marathon experience, so you may want to check it out and probably make that your dream race. Sana pag nagbakasyon ako, makasali ako sa race diyan. Keep up the fabulous work and thanks for blogging. πŸ™‚

  79. Pentatonic88 Says:

    Hi.Bull Runner. I just discovered your site and i found a lot of helpful tips about running. Also, about the list of races for this year. From now on. your site will be my news site about an incoming race. Thank you very much and may the force be with you.

  80. lumber girl Says:


    I hope to meet you soon! I have spoken to Vince of Rush and asked him to introduce me to you as I am a fan:)

  81. gene Says:


  82. Jud Says:

    Good luck at the NYC Marathon if you ever decide to do it! I’m a Filipino runner residing in NYC and was surfing through a few Philippine runner blogs when I came across yours.

  83. tonyo cruz Says:


  84. cathydaza Says:

    Hi, Jaymie! Congrats on your award! Well-deserved. ;D Am actually one of many lurkers in your site as I get plenty of cool insights and info on road races. So yes, I am a fan. Am a newbie runner, but getting really hooked now. Is it okay if I include you in my blogrolls?

  85. Jay Em Says:


    Your blog has been a inspiration for the past couple of months. I have been running steadily (a little exaggerated) and are able to increase both speed and distance; now I’m joining the 21K King of the Road at The Fort. A little scared, but I think I’m ready (I hope I’m ready!).

    I have been one of your avid readers and I have been inspired to live a healthy lifestyle. Our family (brothers & I) have been so moved that in our business (Paul Calvin’s Deli) we have changed our menu to something more healthy, we believe it is still our social responsibility to help them in their pursuit of health & wholeness.

    I hope you and your readers get a chance to visit our restaurant at The Fort, its called Paul Calvin’s Deli located at Rizal Drive (between UCC & Chowking). We offer healthy breakfast buffet (P350) that I think will be perfect for marathon runners. I hope we get to see you in our place one of this days. If you have any questions on how to find us just call us at 856.5900.

  86. Michael P. Gatmaitan Says:

    Hello Bull runner,

    AUFMC DEPT. OF SURGERY and PHILIPPINE COLLEGE of SURGEONS CENTARL LUZON CHAPTER Invites you to the BREAST CANCER AWARENESS FUN RUN. On October 25, 2008 at 5:30 am at AUFMC Parking Area. And you have time kindly post it to your list of Race.

    thanks a lot

  87. carl Says:

    Hi jaymie..I dunno where to post my query…but do we have a pinoy version of favoriterun.com?

  88. Joy Says:

    Hi Jaymie,
    I never thought you were a gurl πŸ™‚ hadn’t I open your “About” page am probably clueless nice pseudonym “The Bull Runner”.

    I can relate with you- maybe because we have something in common, 30 something, a mother of 2 and passionate about running. I haven’t tried competing like 5K fun run. With the list you have posted, I am considering the 5K fun run soon- hope to see you there.


  89. Serge Says:

    hi to thebullrunner,

    just would like to ask if i could link your blog site on my facebook, since i find it very informative?


  90. Lia Says:

    i like the new banner. πŸ™‚

    yun lang. πŸ™‚

  91. Paeng Says:

    Hi Bull Runner,

    Thanks for your wonderful blog. Like you and most runners who write here, I also live in the real world…where one needs to work for a living and squeeze in his/her running alongside the daily demands of family and personal life. I’m one of those inspired by your commitment to this passion. Keep up the good work and continue making a big difference. May your tribe increase!

  92. Ron Says:

    The page looks great with all the info, links and calendars I wish good look to you in S:pore! Can you give any info about Manila Pasig river Marathon in 2009? They say on AIMS calendar the date for this run would be Feb. 22. What do you think of this marathon? Any info somewhere? Thanks, Ron

  93. Deo Patalinghog Says:

    Hi Jaymie,

    I saw your Clark photos ( NB event ) and couldn’t help asking this: Is your hubby Miguel Pizzaro? If he is, kindly give him my regards. Worked with him before. Good to know he runs as well.


    Deo P.

  94. Ian Alcazar Says:

    Hi Bull Runner,

    My sports are badminton and volleyball and now I am very much interested to run. I have not joined any marathon race and I am very willing to. But before that, I wanted to run and prepare for myself first. For a newbie, is there any kind of preparation I have to take? I would appreciate if I can hear it from you.

    I recently bought a pair of my running shoes and I am very excited to run soon.

    I hope I can join you sometime running.

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  95. atty-in-the-run Says:

    Hi Jaymie,

    There’s not a week that passes I don’t check your blog. Aside from being informative (run schedules), it’s also inspiring. You have been talking about your treatment. I wonder if I can get more info. I have had ankle/ shin pain since July last year. I have had MRI/Xrays but nothing shows as cause. Hope you can help.

    Hi atty, emailed you πŸ™‚

  96. Isa Says:

    Hey Ms. Jaymie!

    You seem like a super-expert in running!
    I was wondering if you could help me….
    I’m on a hunt to find Newton running shoes.
    I want to purchase them for my 20th birthday!

    I’ve been wanting them for about a year and a half…
    And I think they’re worth searching for it here.

    Do you know ANYONE or ANYPLACE I could find myself a handy-dandy pair?

    I’d be eternally grateful if you help me out.
    Thanks again for your time

    Isa Fabregas

    Hi isa! Locally, I’m not aware of anyone selling them. You could purchase online and have them shipped home or hand carried by a relative. BUT Newtons are very different from your regular running shoes so better if you could try them out first. I tried them in Singapore. Advanced happy birthday!

  97. j.j.murphy. Says:

    hi bull runner
    just back in ireland after a month in manila(cogeo).i try to keep myself fit so i did some laps at marikina sports center, really enjoyed it. would love to run in some races when i go back next year .thanks to your site i have information.keep up the good work

  98. carlo Says:

    hi, just wanted to ask about the name and place of the church in the above photo.

    St James the Great, Ayala Alabang.

  99. atty-in-the-run Says:

    Hi Jaymie,

    No updates this week? How are your knees?

  100. tito ping Says:

    i am totally impressed with the website. btw, happy birthday to anton? dennis and his gf will run 1/2 marathon in san diego, may. hope you guys will someday join together with them. take care and regards. tita lottie says hi.

  101. Ian Says:


    I just want to know if you know someone I can run with me when I go to the Philipines.

  102. atty-in-the-run Says:

    Hi Jaymie,

    I emailed Condura to find out if there are portalet/s anywhere along the 21 k route aside from the standard one in the starting line and to find out the locations of the water stations (every 2.5/5km?) — but I did not get any reply. Would you have any info?

  103. ellen_smart Says:

    Hi Jaymie.. I’m Ellen Encinares from Smart. I don’t know if you still remember me out of the many runners/people that you’ve met but we saw you during Sen. Pia’s Gabriel Symphony last year. We were wondering though, if you could spare us the time and be our speaker for our newly-formed runner’s club in our company? We’d surely appreciate it very much if you’ll grant us this honor. After all, you inspire many of us to run and challenge ourselves more. God speed!

  104. Garry Lopez Says:

    Hi Jaymie,

    I would like to send you an e-mail to formally ask for your permission for I’ll be using your winning single-post from from the PBA list to be used as one of my representative data for my thesis.


    Garry Lopez
    BA English Studies – Language
    UP Diliman

  105. Jard Gerona Says:

    Hi Jaymie….

    I was wondering how do you compute for your pace. One of my goals is to be able to run faster and I believe I have to monitor my pacing.

    Thanks and God bless!

  106. Nathan Says:

    Hi! This is a great blog site. It’s very inspiring. I’d always thought that running is a tiresome activity but your entries made it fun and made me change my mind. Keep it up! πŸ™‚

  107. Melanie Arroyo-Armovit Says:

    Hi Bull Runner,

    I really like your blog and wanted to consult you. I am a yoga practitioner and would like to incorporate running into my fitness regimen. However some have warned me against running as it will tighten my leg muscles and reduce flexibility. I am attracted though by the cardio-vascular benefits that running provides and which is lacking in yoga. Also, by the way, I have weak knees. Please “enlighten” me…

    Melanie Arroyo-Armovit
    “Get OM with Life” (my yoga blog)

  108. Athena N. Clyde Says:

    hi jaymie!

    been reading your blog since last year and congrats on the new magazine!!
    i’m just starting out with my own site for plus-sized athletes but i also sell body glide. i’m a big runner and i sometimes get chafe marks which keep me from going longer (the longest i’ve run is 16K). some of your readers might benefit from our products as well :o)


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