Good Luck to Bataan 102k Ultramarathoners!

Two days to go for Bataan 102km Ultramarathon runners!  I have some friends who are signed up for the race and I am excited and anxious for them.  

Good luck to all those registered for the race, especially Bald Runner, Coach Jo-Ar, Coach Roel and Jessie Ano, Atty. Jon, Mark Bata, Charlie Chua, Jerry Karundeng, and last but not the least, my idol and good friend, Kim O’ Connell.  (I hope I didn’t miss anyone)  

Eat well.  Run safe.  And, share your stories when you get back!



4 Responses to “Good Luck to Bataan 102k Ultramarathoners!”

  1. kingofpots Says:

    ms jaymie, thank you very much. pray for the success of this event as runners entire the world are watching us. i expect more foreign runners to join this event next year.

  2. highaltitude Says:

    Thanks a lot TBR! I do really appreciate it…

  3. marga Says:

    Don Ubaldo, too! 🙂

    I’m doing bike support for him, Atty Jon, and the Ano brothers! 🙂

  4. marga Says:

    And of course, Coach Jo-Ar too!

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