Happy One Month Zero Runniversary to Me


It was time to flip the family calendar last night from one month to the next, an event that my kiddos look forward to every month as they get to choose which stickers to apply for upcoming activities. They have stickers for family trips, haircut, sleepovers, and more while I just pull out a thick, black pentel pen, search for the Sundays, and scribble the races I’m joining on that month.

Last night, as I was about to turn the page to April, I got the shock of my life. On March 1, exactly a month ago, I wrote down the two words every runner in the world dreads: STOP RUNNING. And, only then did I realize that it’s been a full month since I had completely stopped running due to my injuries.

I yelled in horror to the hubby, “Aaah, I’ve had zero runs for one full month!” He replied nonchalantly “What about Condura Half?” Oh yeah, forgot about that. Perhaps I should’ve said “I’ve had zero training runs for the entire month of March.”

Training runs are the runs I live for. While I have goal races, such as dream half or full marathons here and abroad, I believe it’s the regular runs—those solo 10k runs on the road or speedwork at Ultra—that keep me happy. I never could relate to runners who cringe at another long run or those who run to get the program over with so they can reach their marathon goal. I run because I just want to. If I don’t, I am incomplete.

Hopefully, I don’t reach my 2nd month Zero Runniversary. After all, I registered for Greenfield City Run this April 19.


11 Responses to “Happy One Month Zero Runniversary to Me”

  1. krie Says:

    i agree, tbr! i’ve always loved running because of the run itself… that feeling of being both totally in the moment, and totally out of it at the same time. cheers!

    p.s. just bought a new (big) laptop and your blog’s finally on my bookmark bar!

  2. marga Says:

    Ang cute naman ng family calendar nyo! ❀ Now that gives me an idea…

  3. flatfootrunner Says:

    Geez, I just realized that I had zero runs & zero races for the month of March! Oh my!

  4. Bong Says:

    Your symptoms are quite obvious Jaymie, like us, you’re an (running) addict who automatically qualifies to be a member of Run-aholics Anonymous, he he. Take care.

  5. John Wes Says:

    Hello. Another avid reader of your blog — living the fantasies of being a “sports buff” or “weekend warrior” vicariously through you. πŸ™‚

    Quick question though: my gf is not so fond of the idea of us taking up “running” as a hobby/sport; she thinks that the air in Manila is hazardous to our health (which kinda makes sense). So, is it not “unhealthy” to be running in all the smog?

    • thebullrunner Says:

      Hi John, just choose your routes wisely. You can choose to run in areas that are less polluted such as UP, alabang, antipolo, ultra, bonifacio global city, or even inside your village. Hope you and your girlfriend start running soon.

  6. i2runner Says:

    Hi Jaymie, did the zero run in 1month help heal your injuries? Good luck with your training for the Greenfield City Run.

    • thebullrunner Says:

      Hi i2runner, yes definitely. Actually, after condura, I completely recovered from ITBS. So it was 3 weeks of full rest combined with strengthening exercises and deep tissue massage that worked for me. BUT, since I didn’t wear my insoles at condura, I got a new injury. Unbelievable. I’m all better now. Just resting for a few more days before I go for a “test run” next week.

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