TBR on Good Times with Mo

I was driving home this morning from a long morning at the pool with TI instructor, Nonoy, and classmate, Dondi, and as always I was listening to my favorite morning habit on 89.9, “Good Times with Mo” with Mo Twister, Mojo, and Grace Lee.  

There is not a weekday (except Fridays when they’re not on) that I don’t listen to this trio on the radio.  They’re discussions are thought-provoking and intellectually stimulating, but most importantly, they are downright funny.  I can’t count how many times I’ve laughed out loud alone in the car after taking the kids to school or coming home from a training run.  Needless to say, I am a huge fan.  Huge! 

This morning, it was not a surprise that Sen. Pia Cayetano was on the show.  She was a guest last week and a couple of days ago she was a guest on Mo Twister’s TV show as well to discuss current issues, promote her advocacies, and of course, touch on her personal life as well (which, fortunately for us, includes running.)  But, what surprised me was this: Mojo Jojo mentioning The Bull Runner Magazine!  Yes, he did!

So, TBR was NOT actually on the show (as written on the title of this post which was made only to fool you into reading this), but TBR Magazine was there, in the hands of Mojo, to be exact.  He basically asked Sen. Pia about her training program and mentioned that he was reading about it in The Bull Runner Magazine.  Woohooo…what a pleasant surprise!  Good Times with Mo, you just made my day!

Thanks to Sen. Pia for bringing your copy of TBR Magazine!


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6 Responses to “TBR on Good Times with Mo”

  1. Din Says:

    Hi! I love your website! Its very informative and so good to know that there is such an active running community here in the Philippines that does it competitively, and for leisure. I recently started running again after stopping for a few years and your website has been encouraging in reminding me how much fun running was (and is again) for me. Thanks!

    Its also great that you launched a local running magazine! Where can I get a copy of it?

  2. jeremy uy Says:

    happy april fools!

  3. ricov Says:

    I was also listening to the same program on my way to work. Unfortunately, I have to time in for work at 8:30am. So, did anyone win a chance to date the very cool Senator?

    I had good times with your magazine by the way 🙂 Congratulations!

  4. marga Says:

    WOOHOO! Alavet!! Mojo Jojo, do you run? I’d love to write about you! ❤

  5. Neil Says:

    Hi TBR, Its good to know that you also listen to Good times…
    It is really an addicting show specially in the morning when traffic is at its worst. And best of all when Sen Pia Cayetano talks about here fitness activities-biking, running, etc. specially running.

    Congrats to your TBR magazine. My wife and I are excited to see the next issue. More power!

  6. kulitrunner Says:

    yahoo! congrats ever jaymie! 😉

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