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The Good, The Bad, and The Not-So-Ugly

June 30, 2008


For the first time in 5 weeks, I attempted a pain-free 3k run yesterday and I am all too happy to report that it was a success!  Finaaaaallly, I can run again.  Sure, it was slow and short.  And, the entire time, I was focused on keeping my left foot from overpronating, but hey beggars can’t be choosers.  I was just ecstatic over the fact that I was running (and sweating) again!

I can attribute my recovery to one thing: acupuncture.  Last Monday’s acupuncture session brought instant relief to three weeks of stubborn shin splints. (Thanks to my good friend Kung Fu Panda for recommending it.) I actually felt strong enough to join Mizuno already but held back due to my PT’s orders.


Sure, I was an obedient little patient but that’s not to say that I didn’t feel awful, angry, and frustrated about missing the Mizuno-Rush to Infinity Run.  I tried my best not to talk, blog, nor think about it to keep negativism at bay, which to a certain extent, helped to keep me sane.


So, who in the running world hasn’t heard about the long queu that awaited runners at the finish line of the Mizuno-Rush to Infinity Run?  Certainly, it was an incident that no one expected nor hoped for—especially the race organizers.  I don’t have the right to comment since I was not there.  But, I do take my hat off to Coach Rio who handled the incident like a man.  On the same day, he apologized for the mishap and took full responsibility.  



To Coach Rio, hey I know you did your best.  You always do.  Mistakes happen and, from these accidents, lessons are learned.  I hope you continue to wow us with your well-organized and innovative races.  If there’s a Mizuno Rush to Infinity Part 3, I’m guessing it’ll be perfect!  Remember, three’s a charm!

Congratulations to my dear friend Annie who placed 2nd overall in Women’s 15k.  Her Garmin registered a time of 1:06.  I believe many of the runners there are scratching their heads thinking that she should have been 1st. But, again, I’m not one to comment since I wasn’t there. At the moment, I just can’t figure out why Annie isn’t listed in the results.  

Click here to view official race results.



The North Face 100 Open for Registration

June 27, 2008

The North Face 100 (TNF 100) is now open for registration!

Race Distances: 10km, 20km, 100km 2-person relay, 100km solo

When: July 26 and 27, 2008

Where: Start and finish at Chateau Royale located at the boundary of the Tagaytay and Nasugbu

For inquiries, email or call 0920.285.5285

Download registration form here.  Submit registration form at ROX or TNF stores to register.

Visit ROX site for more details.

Oh, I know I want to join this.  But, my rational self just tossed these questions at me: Can I do trails?  Do I have to buy trail shoes? (No, not another new expense!)  Do we have to stay overnight in Batangas?  (Didn’t I just declare my fear of extra expenses?)  Will I be fully recovered by then? And, if I do this, will I not run the risk of another injury?  Let me think about it.  

How about you—are you joining?

The Need for Shades

June 25, 2008

Running is one of the most affordable sports there is.  No need for special gear or equipment such as a swimsuit and goggles, bike and helmet, skis, ball, racket, etc.  One can indulge in the sport with the clothes on his back and the shoes on his feet—or, in rare cases, no shoes at all.  

Conversely, running can be an expensive sport, especially for insane people who obsess over the latest gear.  I am living proof of that statement.  

Since I started running, I have “invested” (the aforementioned word works wonders for the shopping conscience) in a watch, running shoes, singlets and shorts, ipod, caps, running socks, water bottle carrier, coaching and therapy fees, and more.  I thought I needed nothing more…until a couple of days ago.

I met affable and down-to-earth Titus Cruz, distributor of Optic Nerve shades in the country, who basically reminded me through his presence that I could use a pair of shades to keep my already singkit eyes from shrinking even more when the sun hits me.


– Titus of Optic Nerve –

Titus came into our meeting carrying bags of sunglasses in various shapes, colors, and sizes.  Optic Nerve shades, he explained, are sports shades that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. (Perfect for me because, at my injured state, I really can’t afford to lose another leg!)  And, based on what I saw, the shades have attractive designs and are high-quality products.  

I sifted through dozens of models and declared, after a long 30 minutes, that it was a toss up between “Threat” and “Revolt.”  I ended up choosing both.  

Driving home from The Fort, I wore “Threat” in the car—complete with stickers and tags on—and declared that I liked it.  Mind you, my two kids agreed that I looked like a cool mama too.  I have yet to test them training outdoors but you can expect to read TBR’s Optic Nerve review pretty soon.

For more information, you may contact Titus Cruz at 0917.812.0308 or email  Check out Optic Nerve sports shades at their site.


Desperate Runner

June 23, 2008


– My xray results.  No fractures here. –

“Are you desperate?”  This was the question that my good ol’ doctor posed before me soon after he reviewed the tibia xray I submitted to him last Thursday.  After visiting him regularly (perhaps “way too often” is a better description) the past weeks, he ruled out a fracture and was definite that my injury was a muscle problem that could only be cured by strengthening exercises that would take, as he said, at least 6 weeks to have some effect.  

“Desperate? Me?” I thought.  Then, without hesitation, I replied “YES.  Super desperate, doc. I need to run again asap.”  And, that’s when he told me to meet him at Moro Lorenzo Sports Center on this day.

This afternoon, I found myself at Moro Lorenzo with the good doctor before me surrounded by a dozen athletes who were probably still in their mothers’ womb while I was already riding my pink BMX outdoors. (Never had I felt so old and decrepit—injured and bloated na, matanda pa!)  My doctor introduces me to Kristine, the head physiotherapist, who I met last year when Adidas gave me a foot assessment.  Then, Kristine introduces me to the therapist who will take care of me.  The guy looked like a younger Robert Downey, Jr. with the charm and brains of Dr. McDreamy.  Oh, I thought it was embarrassing to have to show him my feet, but what the hell, he was probably a decade younger than me too.

He interviewed me for a long 15-20 minutes, asking every detail of my injury and jotting this down on a sheet.  He stared at my feet for the longest time that my toes almost blushed.  He checked how I walk, gave me a range test, taped my foot, and so on and so forth.  Needless to say, it was the most comprehensive assessment I had ever been through.

Basically, he had the same evaluation as my doctor.  Overpronation is the main culprit.  My left foot overpronates which causes too much strain on my shin muscles.  He taught me strengthening exercises then saved the best part for last… acupuncture.

It was my first time to get—how shall I say it—acupunctured?  It was definitely a new experience—the bite of an ant followed by an inner squeezing, twisting, and burning of muscles, sometimes highlighted by an explosive pain when the muscles suddenly twitches.  Ooooh, not an experience that I particularly enjoyed.  However, if I had to choose between “releasing” of muscles through massage or acupuncture, I would, without a second thought, go for the latter.  It was just more bearable.

I ended the session with my leg looking like a mummy.  I had kinesio tape wrapped over my shin and tape all around my foot.  Then, before I left, I asked my favorite question “So, when can I run again?”  Dr. Robert Downey replied “Not this week.”  So much for the Rush to Mizuno Run that I was hoping to join (I even registered for it last Friday).  This Bull Runner didn’t even put up a fight.  I accepted his answer and limped my way out of the clinic.  Looks like I’m getting better at dealing with life’s little injuries.

Rush To Infinity Run Starting Time

June 19, 2008

To all those who signed up for Rush to Infinity Run, the race organizer has announced that starting time is:

15k – 5:30 a.m.

10k – 5:45 a.m.

5k – 6:00 a.m. 

Disregard the 6 a.m. starting time written on the envelope.

Big Birthday for a “Big Fan”

June 18, 2008

It had been two weeks since Michelle contacted me requesting for—of all things—my autograph.  Don’t laugh.  This is serious stuff.  It was to be a surprise birthday gift for her boss, Gen, who she said was a big fan of this blog.  Certainly, I was flattered.  But, more than that, I was in serious doubt that this boss of hers would appreciate such a present.  What would you do with a TBR autograph?  (I had never signed anything under this name and my hubby jokingly said “Tell Michelle to just sign for you.  No one will be able to tell it’s fake since there isn’t an original signature!”

After those two weeks of arranging our meeting, Michelle and I finally met during our Happy Feet Girls’ Night Out dinner last week.  Meek and shy, Michelle approached Marga and I and handed out a birthday card for me to sign for her dearest boss.  I happily obliged—yes, complete with “The Bull Runner” underneath my real name.  Then, she left us to say she’d be right back with her boss in tow for some photos.  Okay!

What happened next was a scene straight out of the movies.  It’s stuff that only celebrities and rock stars experience—and, quite honestly, something that I don’t dream of nor hope for.

Marga and I chatted away while enjoying our buffalo wings and mozzarella sticks when a girl popped up in front of us, her hands clasped in front of her mouth in a futile attempt to muffle her tiny screams of “Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!” in between gasps for air.  Marga and I stared at each other in disbelief.  Looked back at the girl.  Glanced at each other again.  This must be Gen.  

DSC_9606 copy1

– with birthday girl, Gen –

Gen continued to shriek for several more minutes before I invited her and Michelle to sit down with us. “Breathe, Gen, breathe.  When you get to know us, you’ll realize we’re nothing to scream over.” I told her.

So, we talked with Gen and Michelle for more than an hour.  And, we learned a lot about Gen—her passion for running, her first race, her dedication to reading my posts (and the fact that she’s read through all the archives), her upcoming birthday, and more.  She openly called me her “Inspirunner,” a clever term she coined for the person who inspires her to plod on—how creative is that?!

DSC_9608 copy1

– with Gen, Marga, and Michelle –

It felt a little bit awkward to chat with someone who gushed every so often because she was such a big “fan.”  As Gen sat in disbelief over who she was talking to, I was probably as overwhelmed as she was over the fact that someone could ever react to my presence that way.  It was crazy, unbelievable, embarrassing, and awesome all at the same time.

To Gen, happy birthday again!  Thank you for allowing me to make a little difference in your life.  See you at the races.  And, oh, take care of your shins!

* Photos from Gen

Rush Run Clinic

June 17, 2008

I know, I know…I’ve been absent lately.  Mother Hen has been watching over her kids at school the past few days and was also neck-deep in work.  

Despite the chaotic sched, I just knew I had to take time off to post about Rush’s Run Clinic after seeing that the 1st of only 2 female sessions was today!  Ack, sorry to disappoint my fellow running women!  Men can still sign up until June 19.

Sessions are free!  Click here to visit the Rush Active Achiever website.

To Vince of Rush, hats off to you and your company for promoting running through these sessions.  I hope more companies follow suit.

Rush Run Clinic Invite

Girls’ Night Out

June 14, 2008

After a tiring, stressful week of rushing the kids to school, helping my daughter adjust to her first few days of nursery, beating work deadlines, dealing with new household help, and mourning the loss of yet another week’s run, I welcomed the thought of meeting Happy Feet girlfriends Marga and Banggi for a full night of chatting, eating, and pure fun last Thursday.


With these two high-spirited women, one has no time to yawn, complain or get bored. Both have the same zest for life and adventure that makes my life suddenly seem so mundane—not that it is! 

Banggi is constantly traveling the globe, meeting handsome men on plane trips (ehem), and exploring new cities and delicacies that once made locals in Hanoi yell out “You’re the rockstar!” after she “bravely” swallowed a chicken embryo (aka balot).   Marga is constantly on the go as a freelancer, entrepreneur, swimmer, biker, runner, skateboarder, yoga enthusiast, and more that one wonders how she possibly achieved and experienced this much at such a young age—she’s a full decade younger than me! Champion talaga!

Our lives are so different.  Our personalities on opposite poles.  If you had told me a year ago that I would be having dinner with these two girls, I would have answered “Oh sure…and that dinner would be followed by dessert with Bono and Lance soon after.”  But, thanks to running (and the world wide web), the three of us are no longer just running friends but real friends who run.

To all those running tomorrow—be it at Mizuno-Fuego, Men’s Health All Terrain, or DND—good luck, have fun, and stay safe!  I envy you!



June 10, 2008

I wish I told you how ecstatic I was over my first ever mountain bike ride last Sunday where my Garmin got his first taste of a biking event and registered it at 40 min for 9km.  Or, how my first Ashtanga yoga session last Wednesday completely blew me away and gave me a peek into the spiritual side of yoga which I am all too excited to explore.  Or, how foolish I felt for thinking that the pool would be open yesterday, a holiday, so instead of doing 50-meter laps, I found myself swimming with my children complete with lifesavers and noodle floats at my in-laws little pool.

No, I couldn’t bring myself to tell you about last week’s little details because it had nothing to do with running.  This is, after all, a running blog.  

Truth be told, running and I haven’t been in good terms lately.  I have been furious with him since the day I learned about the shin splints.  I yelled at him from across the room (making sure my kids couldn’t hear) “After all that I’ve given to you—my heart and my soul—you give me runner’s knee and now this shin problem?!  What kind of a person are you?  Are you even human?!”  To which, he replies “Of course, I’m inhuman.  I’m a sport, dummy.”  Such disrespect!  I couldn’t take the cruelty so I packed my gym bags and took off.  (Okay, now you know why this post is entitled LQ.  Ang baduy ko, I know!  This is what happens when I don’t run.)  I haven’t seen him for a full two weeks—16 days, to be exact—since my last run. Despite therapy sessions, the lumps on my shins haven’t disappeared and continue to bother me at every step.

Since then, I have moved on.  I’ve been getting my cardio workouts from the elliptical trainer at the gym, swimming, and biking.  (Sadly though, none of these will ever compare to the workout that running gave me.  I am still gaining weight despite all these other cardio activities…grrr.)  I also have at least two sessions of either bikram yoga, ashtanga yoga (my new love), or yogilates each week.

When I recover from my shin splints (don’t ask me when because this is taking a lot longer than I expected), I’m sure I’ll be the one knocking on the door of running screaming “Let me in!  You’ve been a jerk but I love you anyway!”  

While I’m injured, please be patient with me as this “running blog” will feature posts that will discuss more of my cross training activities than actual running.  If there’s one good thing that has come out of these injuries, it is that it’s pushing me to become a triathlete ahead of schedule!

Register Now for Rush to Infinity Run

June 6, 2008


The much-awaited “Mizuno Infinity Run Part 2” is now open for registration!  It is now officially called the “Rush to Infinity Run”:

Date: June 29, Sunday

Time: 5:30 am

Place: Bonifacio High Street

Distance: 5k/ 10k/ 15k

Here are just some of the race details that one can look forward to:

  1. Discounts for old runners — Runners who participated in the first Mizuno Infinity Run (upon presentation of race bib or ID) will get a discount on registration fee.  I know, I know, some of you were hoping it would be free, but this is fine by me.
  2. More convenient registration — Some of us (that includes me) had difficulty registering for the last race.  Now, registration will only be at Mizuno Bonifacio High Street from 1 to 10 pm (which I think is a great idea), and…
  3. Online registration — Yes, there will be online registration at Coach Rio’s site.  If it isn’t available yet, just visit every now and then.  It will definitely be up soon.  Payment will be made at Mizuno Bonifacio High Street.
  4. Prizes — We don’t have to beat the elite to win prizes in this race!  March 30 Mizuno Infinity Runners get a chance to win an ipod Nano, Oakley shades, or Samsung dual sim phone in a raffle courtesy of Rush.  (I shall be chanting Oakley shades during my entire run.  Don’t you dare imitate me.)
  5. Overflowing, endless supply of fluids — Uhm, they didn’t really guarantee me this, but we all pretty much know by now that race organizers will try their darndest best to ensure an ample supply of fluids at every water station lest they get chased by an angry mob of double-dehydrated runners.
For complete race details, download the registration form at my List of Races.  
See you there!  (Idnod, you can go register now… heehee!)