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Where will TNF be?

May 30, 2008

TNF Course

Where in the world—or, at least, in the Philippines—is this?  

Word is, this scenic course may just be the venue for The North Face 100, the upcoming trail run that many of us are looking forward to.  According to Neville Manaois of Pinoy Ultra Runners, the race organizers should finalize details within this week or the next.

In the meantime, hang on to your laces!

For more photos, visit the Pinoy Ultra Runner’s site.


Fuego-Mizuno Run

May 29, 2008

Oddly, I am still in recovery mode after the Takbo Para sa Puso last Sunday. I think it’s pathetic that it’s taking my legs almost half a week to recuperate from a short 5k, but I am patiently waiting—while scratching my head, biting my nails (and soon toenails too if it takes longer), and eating loads of chocnut—for that one fine day when my legs feel light and strong again.  Uhm, I’m optimistic that The Day will be tomorrow.

In the meantime, there’s one thing—actually it’s a race—that is keeping me happy and all giddy with excitement. It’s the Fuego-Mizuno Run on June 15. This race is for members and endorsed guests only, so if you are neither one, there are two options for you:

1) Buy a club membership before June 15, or

2) Befriend a member (even if it’s just for three weeks!)  

Fortunately for me, Mizuno invited me for the race. Phew… I was already going through Facebook in search of prospective Fuego-member friends.

Here are the details of the race from Coach Rio‘s website:

15 June 2008, Sunday
Assembly: 5am
Start of Race: 6am
Awarding Brunch: est. 8am

Start/ Finish Area Main Clubhouse, Peninsula de Punta Fuego, Nasugbu, Batangas

3K/ 5K/ 10K

P450/ Member
P500/ Endorsed Guest

Non-refundable. Includes: Race Kit, Individual Medals, Brunch and Giveaways.

The Fuego-Mizuno Run is organized by Club Punta Fuego Inc. and Mizuno for the benefit of the Punta Fuego Village Foundation Inc.

Visit Coach Rio‘s site to download the registration form and view the coursemap.

Doc Oknoy’s Birthday

May 27, 2008

Before Doc Fit’s Takbo Para sa Puso, there was another celebration for a fit doc. Last Thursday, Happy Feet met up out our favorite carbo-loading spot for Doc Oknoy’s birthday party.


– Birthday Boy (in black) at the center –

Doc Oknoy may have turned 40-something but he has the energy and wit of a man half his age. His humor and cheerfulness is contagious, one that makes you just want to be around him when you’re lamenting over an injury or whining about a bad run. He’s just one those guys who can lift your spirits just by the sound of his laughter.

There were no runs that evening. But, even so, there was a lot of talk about races, heart rates, and most especially, about other Happy Feet runners who were not there (hee hee!) It was a night of laughter and camaraderie among people whose lives were brought together by a shared passion for all things running.


– Happy Happy Feet runners: Jan, Daniw, Stephen, Banggi the Priss, Doc Oknoy, Marga the brutal sex master, Ka Totoy, Photographer Ben. Seated: Michelle, Joy, TBR, Sensei John Ting, Master Mon –

Happy Birthday again, Doc Oknoy! And to all Happy Feet-ers, see you again at the next race…or the next party! Chaia, we missed you!

Doc Fit – Takbo Para sa Puso

May 25, 2008

Allow me to start at the end of the race because that’s where all the excitement was—at least for me. Here’s the loot I took home from my 5k run at Takbo Para sa Puso in U.P. Diliman this morning…


Do you see the medal right smack at the center of the photo? Yes, that’s mine—woohoo! I won 10th place in the non-MD Women’s Category for 5k. My official time was 29.03 mins.


– Top 10 winners for Women’s 5k. Check out the 3 winners behind me…they could be my kids! –

I took home the drawstring bag and singlet they gave to all runners, plus P1,000 cash and other freebies from sponsors. What a pleasant surprise for me!

You see, I arrived at the assembly area a little bit concerned about the pain in my left shin. I did my warm-ups and stretching with Annie then set my negative thoughts aside. I forced myself to think that I would survive a short 5k run with this slight discomfort. No pain, no prize, right?

As soon as the gun went off, I had little time to think at all. I ran at a steady pace of 5 min/km thereabouts from Km 1 to 3. At the 4th km, my lack of endurance finally showed as I slowed to an average pace of around 5:30. The uphill climb in that portion made things a little bit more difficult, but images of our hill training with Coach Jo-Ar came to mind and when I applied the techniques he taught me, they just worked like magic! I ran the last kilometers again at a steady 5 min/km pace.


– with Coach Jo-Ar. Salamat Coach para sa lahat ng hirap! haha –


– with my training buddies, Annie and Zorro (Yes, I’m kidding!) –

The race was as smooth as it could be for me. No negatives, all positives: (See what a thousand bucks can do to my mood!)

  • My pace was steady. I think next time I should throw more sprints in there, but maybe when I’m a little bit stronger already.
  • The pain subsided for the most part of the race and only returned (with a vengeance if I may say so) around lunchtime today.
  • The race was very well-organized by Coach Rio once again. I especially liked the fact that Coach Rio is the emcee of his own races. At the finish line, he could easily identify the elite runners and share their resume with all of us less talented runners! Hah!
  • Bonus: Mark P. of Happy Feet shared his secret restroom with me. (Sorry I’m not telling!)
  • I met a lot of readers from the blog. Finally, they aren’t only names, but runners with faces! It was a pleasure to meet you!


– with Jujet de Asis, 1st place 5k Men’s Category (17.38 mins). Jujet and I share the same birthdate. Do you think we’ll have the same finishing time in the future too? –


– Marieton Pacheco reads TBR! How cool is that?! Here I am with Marieton, her hubby and friends –


– with good friend Marga (Transition Zero) and her friend Jenna –


– Finally! A photo with Eric (Run For Change)


– with Skinhead81 –


– with Coach Rio, Councilor Dorothy (1st place 10k Women’s MD Category), and real “Doc Fit” runners. Dr. Yong Larrazabal (3rd from right) and Dr. Peter Mancao (rightmost) joined NYC Marathon last year and are eyeing the Chicago Marathon this year. Go docs! –

For official race results of Takbo Para sa Puso, click here.

I’m Alive!

May 23, 2008

Just wanted to let you know I’m alive and kicking.  A bit down and depleted from the tumultuous week I had—a rollercoaster of sorts due to the evil injury that came and went every hour of every single day.  I didn’t know if I was injured, recovering, fully recovered, or just going insane.  All I know is that I did all I could to alleviate the tightness in my legs during the past week.

I skipped blogging for two reasons:

1) I was getting really frustrated furious about the injury.  Had I ranted about it over here you would leave your computer screen with your eyebrows connected as one, both nostrils flaring, then you’d head straight for your boss, husband/wife, or best friend and yell at them for simply breathing.

2) This baby Macbook Pro of mine needed some upgrades.  It was the first time I parted with it for three whole days (not counting vacations) and, while I thought I would die of boredom, I actually felt liberated from the reins of the world wide web…and oh yes, work.  (Forgive me for not answering your comments yet.  I will soon!  Let me catch up on work first!)

Anyhow, I’m back.  I’ve got my 10k race bib for Doc Fit which I’ll be exchanging for a 5k due to the injury.  For now, my 10k debut (not that it’ll be such a momentous occassion) will have to wait…just until June I hope.

Seeing Red

May 20, 2008

After my track run with Coach and Annie yesterday, I looked up at the red sky, changed into my red shirt, and drove home in my red car. Kissed my red husband good morning and woke up my two little red kids. I showered and saw my red self in the mirror. All I saw was red yesterday because I was the raging bull again.

Grrrrr…my injury is back…

I am not entirely sure it’s the same evil knee pain that is rearing its ugly head again. The pain is not on the knee itself but behind the right knee near my hamstrings. Coach says as long as it’s not the knee, then we are fine. I am hoping he’s right.

Trying to look at the bright side. Telling myself that all I need is more stretching (not that I’m lacking in this area because I believe I’m stretching all throughout the day) since I barely did anything while I was sick.

So, I am in full battle mode this week:

  • Monday (yesterday): Morning run/ Afternoon weights
  • Tuesday: Morning pilates/ Afternoon run hills
  • Wednseday: Morning run/ Afternoon bikram yoga

…and let’s see how it goes from there. Hopefully, I’ll be able to run Doc Fit sans any pain. If that doesn’t happen, this raging bull will just get even more furious.

Pringles is Pushing Through

May 17, 2008

I’m guessing that half of you visiting the blog today have this question in mind: “Tuloy ba ang Pringles?!” followed by a nervous glimpse at the gray skies and strong winds hitting the metro.

The answer is: As of 11am Saturday, YES, the Pringles race is pushing through tomorrow!

Thanks to Marga of Transition Zero for forwarding this SMS from Jaime Endaya of P&G: “Our race organizers are tracking the course of the typhoon and we’re expecting the storm to be out by 3am tomorrow. Should be a short and fun race tomorrow.”

Argh, I envy you for racing Pringles. I wish I had signed up. Oh well, have a good one. I shall see you at Doc Fit instead.

Sick Leave

May 16, 2008

Like a loyal, hardworking employee, I am distressed over this “sick leave” I had to take, anxious over the fact that—while I was away for just a few days—I may have lost my momentum at work.

It’s been four days since I was attacked by feverrhea. In TBR’s Dictionary, this is defined as “the fever that sets in after you’ve gotten dehydrated from intestinal flu, which always comes as a shocker due to the large amounts of blue Gatorade in one’s system, particularly that of TBR’s.” Oh well, I guess all the cups of coffee I drank during that seminar last week dehydrated me into pieces.

Anyway, I’m all better now. Flushed feverrhea out of my system and down the toilet. But, it doesn’t erase the fact that I lost FIVE full training days. I can’t shake the thought that I may have lost some of the fitness I worked so hard for the past few weeks. Five days is significant considering I’ve been running every single day except for Mondays for almost a month now.  Suddenly, all I did for the past five days was drink soup, watch TV, and…oh yeah…I finished seven banner designs and a flyer too.

Oh well, I’ll find out soon enough.  I will miss all three races this Sunday (as if I was planning to join all of ’em!  Just Pringles initially…until I got sick) but, if our weather permits, I’ll be running again tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that.

Good luck to all of you joining Pringles, Market Market, and Takbo Para sa Kalusugan!  I wonder which race will have the most runners.  Your guess is as good as mine!

Ultramarathon 101

May 14, 2008

And this is where it all begins…


Lucky Me

May 13, 2008

I haven’t posted for a while now (yes, a few days is long for me) for two reasons: 1) I attended a four-day seminar, which to an independent, multi-tasking designer/mother like me, felt like forever and left me exhausted every single day, and 2) I have fever. Argh…I feel terrible about skipping training the next few days.

I hit the sack early this evening at around 8:30 but couldn’t get an ounce of sleep with the kids jumping around in the background. By 10:30, I received a text from Ben and, despite the achy bones and slight headache, I knew I had to get up and view his blog.

You see, I was fortunate enough to be handpicked by Photographer Ben to be one among the few that he’s shot for his runner’s profile. (First was Chaia, followed by Coach Rio.)  Ben is a magician with the camera. His photographs are simply amazing. Combine that talent with a great passion for running and you get running photos that just leave you speechless (and in Coach Rio’s case left girls drooling!)

Here’s my favorite photo climbing up my not so favorite hill in Country Club Drive…


And here I am running past St. James the Great Church where hubby and I got married…
TBR_ChurchThis is me on the treadmill with the kids drawing. Ben, I love this shot!


And this is where Ben almost tumbled over as he chased me down the street..


Last but not the least, this is what Ben calls my profile shot…


To view more TBR shots (where my thighs look huge, my tummy is bulging, or my face looks kinda funny which is largely my fault, not Ben’s!) and other runners that Ben has profiled, click here to visit the Photographer on the Run. To race organizers, Ben also shoots races, such as Condura Run and Champion Run.

Thanks so much to Ben and RC for the photos!