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Mizuno Race Results

March 31, 2008

For Mizuno Infinity Run race results, click here.

I spent over 10 minutes searching for my name only to find out that I’m #256, nameless, and a male.  Just perfect since my time was terrible anyway. It’s actually 32.17 here—slightly faster than my Garmin time!

Congratulation to my running buddy, Annie Agoncillo, for coming in 4th in the Women’s category at 15k with an incredible time of 1:06! Woohoo!


Mizuno Infinity Run – Part 2

March 31, 2008

Last night, I checked this blog to find quite a number of negative comments regarding the organization of the Mizuno race—from registration to the lack of water stations—and with a range of emotions from simply disappointed to infuriated.

Personally, I was oblivious to the water problem as I didn’t feel the need to stop at any water station during my 5k run. However, I did encounter these:

1. difficulty registering my husband for the 5k run
2. no pins for my hubby’s race bib
3. more than usual vehicles on the road due to late race time of 6:30am

    In fairness, there were good things too…

    1. 5k race was 5.07km on my Garmin. They finally got it right this time—not perfect but close enough right?
    2. nice singlet for men…but no sizes and too transparent for us women 😦
    3. 5k started on time
    4. They make the best shoes and leggings…oh right, that’s not about the race

    It was obvious to me that Mizuno and the race organizer worked hard to make this race as successful as it could be. But, obviously, a lot of things went wrong.

    This was Mizuno’s first race and it can only get better next time. Hopefully, all race organizers learn from this experience to give us runners a race that is well-organized—or better yet, one that is at par with races abroad. Sigh.

    What did YOU think about the Mizuno Infinity Run?

    Mizuno Infinity Run – Part 1

    March 31, 2008

    I arrived at the Mizuno Infinity Run at the Fort at around 6:15 am. Just in time to make a quick stop at the portalet (to see poop staring back at me from the hole! Blech!), teach hubby how my Nike kit worked, and do some (but certainly not enough) warm ups and stretching before the race started. In a blink of an eye, we were off.


    This was one mad, hungry, chaotic, crowd. (Or have I just been away from races for too long?) I felt somewhat lost and confused in the traffic of 5k runners. Despite this, I stuck to my plan of maintaining a steady (read: boring) pace of 6:30 thereabouts. The hubby had the ipod on (so much for my dreams of marital bonding while running!) and he suffered pain behind his knee at around 2km, so soon after we crossed McKinley we parted ways.

    Running alone, I focused on my form: landing on my midfoot, putting more power on my left leg, lifting my knees a bit higher, and tucking my tummy in. Going downhill, I would intentionally slow down to avoid aggravating my runner’s knee. I busied myself watching others—especially the elite who were returning from their 15ks on the opposite side of the road. Awesome! Sure, I wanted to run faster or outpace others, but I had to stick to what I knew was right. Well, I was “good” until the last half kilometer. I increased my pace to a 5 to 5:30 and slowed down again just before hitting the finish line.

    According to my Garmin, my time was 33.42 for 5.07km. Ave pace was 6:39/km. Nothing to be proud of, but hey no pain so I’m a happy camper. Hubby came in, tired but happy, a few minutes after. I think I’ve just made a new recruit!

    Guess who dropped by on their motorcycles? My two kuyas! That’s me with Tan, Jude, and Hubby –

    – Mark and Charlie.  Mark, did you achieve your secret goal? 🙂 –

    – Taki (2nd fr left) and Bald Runner (2nd fr right) with friends. Bald Runner collected quite a number of old running shoes to donate to other runners. –

    – Photographer Ben with his nephew…the youngest Happy Feet member? –

    – Happy Feet people: Joms, Abby, and Lucky 777 Marga –
    The Mizuno Elite Team…plus me in high hopes that they’re speed rubs off on me –

    One Day til Mizuno Infinity Run

    March 29, 2008

    It’s Mizuno’s Infinity Run tomorrow. And, unlike past races, I am completely unprepared.


    I signed up for 5k tomorrow (the longest distance I’ve ran for the past two months as proven in my expanding waistline) and I laugh at myself for feeling all jittery just thinking about it. Will my knee cooperate? Will I have to walk? And, last but not the least, will I be able to resist the temptation of racing when I promised myself I’d run a slow, easy pace?

    Truth be told, I was concerned about the last question as I was leaning towards a “No.” I worried about the fact that this bull-headed runner would glare at faster runners in the middle of the race, scratch her hoofs down on the ground, and with a loud, violent grunt yell “To hell with it. Bahala na yung tuhod!” And run as fast as I could.

    Fortunately, the hubby came to the rescue. Almost like a night in shining armor (aw, how romantic), he accepts my invitation to run his first 5k with me and, by default, gained the respectable position of being my pacer. With him by my side, I’m certain I’ll run this one at a slow, steady pace making sure that the hubby enjoys the experience so that he turns into a running addict like me! (If this doesn’t one work, I’ll try hypnotism next)

    Today, instead of my usual pre-race prep day wherein I rest, eat well, and sleep early for tomorrow’s race, I am doing quite the opposite. I’m working in the morning, playing golf (first time on the fairway) this afternoon, and watching Horton with the kids in the evening. Wish me luck tomorrow. (Insert nervous laugh here)

    For those who haven’t seen the race route, here it is. (Thanks Mark for emailing) See you all tomorrow!


    Spenco In My Step

    March 27, 2008

    For the past two weeks now, I have enjoyed every bit of all my short runs sans the pain. What has made all the difference? Nope, it wasn’t Dr. Pribut’s ultra conservative recovery program (I heard knee clicks and experienced soreness even with the gradual progression from walking to running) nor my self-discipline, patience, or unwavering faith in the gods of running. It was Spenco.


    – Spenco Orthotic Arch (Full Length) sitting comfortably in my beloved Wave Creations –

    Yes. Believe it or not, a pair of arch supports have brought me back into running. It was Dr. Canlas who—after I consulted in absolute desperation and depression two weeks ago (which I intentionally did not share over here because I was mad, mad, MAD!)—told me quite simply that all I needed were arch supports and motion-control shoes. He even added, to make me feel better or hmm maybe worse, that my 2-month abstinence from running was completely uneccesary. I could’ve ran continuously had I just learned about this magical solution early on!

    No use crying over spilled milk. I am a much more positive person now that I’m getting my daily dose of regular runs. Why, you’ll even notice me running with a new Spenco…I mean, spring…in my step.

    Baguio Adventure

    March 24, 2008

    Just got back from our annual Baguio family trip…


    But, this one was different. It wasn’t about lounging around at the hotel while the in-laws went on a golfing marathon. It was all adventure, adrenaline, and pure fun.

    Like real miners, we put on our gear…


    and bravely ventured into the dark and eerie Philex mines.


    We took the kids horseback riding (where my daughter and I could’ve slid off a hill were it not for the quick hands of the guide),


    played in the park,


    and joined the Easter Party (where Anton found the black egg to win him the 3rd prize).


    We even had time for a day-trip to the beach in La Union.


    Last but not the least, I ran 5k twice through the roads of John Hay amid the cool, crisp, fresh air of Baguio. The first run was with the hubby and my sister-in-law. We ran at different paces but enjoyed every bit of it nonetheless. The second time, I ran on my own. It was a smooth and fun run—no pain from my knee, no pressure about the time—just me and my great big smile against the refreshing Baguio background. Amazing!


    Is Running Today’s “It” Sport?

    March 19, 2008

    Is it just me or are there a lot more features on running and races in local newspapers nowadays? It’s great that running is getting a fair share of the sports spotlight lately—although it is still a far cry from the exposure of basketball and boxing.

    Yesterday, Inquirer had this on the front page of it’s Lifestyle section:


    Is running today’s “IT” sport? Is it the new badminton? Yes, perhaps. So many people are getting into running with mundane reasons such as “it’s what’s in right now” to the more serious ones like weight loss and fitness. You’ll spot more runners on the road—U.P., Salcedo, High Street, Alabang—they are everywhere. Why, you’ll even see some runners on TV. Television commercials feature runners with long silky hair (tell me why a woman would even run without her hair tied up?!) or one in pain as Pacman leaves him by the wayside.

    Then, the races. The number of races lined up for the year will remind one of that time when badminton courts where sprouting up like Starbucks around the metro. Oooh, there are so many races lined up for the year that one’s racing calendar is filled to the brim. One ends each run bidding his fellow runner “See you at the next race!” and that’s almost synonymous to “See you next Sunday!”

    Running may be the “in” thing right now. But, honestly, the thought sends shivers from my toes through my patella and up my spine. It’s great that running is gaining in popularity but I don’t want to see running as yet another fitness trend that people discard like a fad diet. For many of us, moreso the elite and master runners, running is our life. We run because we love it. I just hope that people who try running now will fall in love with it as much as I have.

    Moving on, guess who got a brief glimpse of stardom (or Inquirer-dom) on that same page! Just below the article was this box:


    Can you see it? I circled it for you! Sen. Pia Cayetano mentions her favorite books and online resources on running and #6 is yup yup: The Bull Runner! (Oh, stop it with the applause I’m already blushing!)

    By the way, I’m leaving for Baguio tonight so I’ll be on blogging break for five days. I’ll be thinking of all of you as I run up the hills of John Hay. I just have to figure out how to get down since running downhill can aggravate my runner’s knee. Hope you enjoy your break. Happy Easter in advance!

    Donate Your Old Shoes

    March 17, 2008

    After observing some runners who were walking or limping during road races due to their old and worn-out running shoes, the Baldrunner thought of donating his old shoes to them.  Soon after, he had an even better idea: to collect old running shoes and distribute these to other deserving runners who cannt afford to purchase new running shoes.

    Hats off to you, Baldrunner, for such a great initiative!

    If you have running shoes collecting dust at home, why not donate them and put a smile on another Pinoy runner’s face?  Below are the details taken from Baldrunner’s post:

    COLLECTION POINT: The office of the DND-AFP Gintong Pangarap Running Club, Inc with address at Fire Station, AFP General Headquarters, Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City will be the repository of all donated shoes.

    CONTACT PERSONS: The following officers with their respective cellphone numbers will be the contact persons of this program and feel free to send them SMS or call them for the details of the program or for personal appointments:

    Major Rodrigo Turno PA—0905-900-3658

    Captain Ferdie Espejo PA—0917-623-2611

    Approriate papers will be prepared as Acceptance Form from the donors as well as Acceptance Form duly signed by the recipient. A formal letter will be sent to the donor as to who received the running shoes he/she donated. This will promote transparency in the inventory and distribution of these items, and in the overall implementation of this program.

    DONATION BOOTH AT RACES: A “booth” will be established by the abovementioned officers in every weekend race starting with the Mizuno Infinity Run at The Fort on 30 March 2008 to accept donations and at the same time distribute these shoes to runners sporting old, dilapidated, worn-out, and tattered running shoes.

    Team Mila

    March 14, 2008

    During the last Pinay In Action ’08, there was a small group of runners who joined the run for a much bigger purpose than most of us. They ran a full 10km to show support for Mila Mercado, a woman who suffered an embolism after giving birth 11 years ago. Since then, she has been a quadraplegic, unable to walk nor speak.


    – Mila surrounded by Therese, her daughter, Wawel, her husband, and their friends, Beni, Mark and Tiffin, and others –

    Her husband, Wawel, and daughter, Therese, have been with her every step of the way. They have lived a normal and happy life just like any other Filipino family. Together, they established “Team Mila” to help others gain a better understanding of the disabled and to seek equal treatment for them.

    Therese recently submitted a project in school called “Kids Can”. Please click here to view Therese’s amazing work. I’m sure Wawel and Mila are very proud of her.

    Summer’s Here!

    March 14, 2008

    In a few minutes, I shall be picking up my two children from their last day of school. And, along with them, I can already see myself spinning cartwheels while singing in true Highschool Musical fashion “What time is it?! Summertime! We’re on vacation…”

    Summer means liberation from the tight school day sched and freedom to indulge in my passions while the kids are fast asleep. My mornings will undergo a complete transformation. Good riddance to morning traffic to and from school. I can already see myself waking up early in the morning to enjoy a quick run on the roads of Alabang before the world wakes up, or swimming in the warm waters of an olympic-sized pool, or meeting with a running coach every other day. Oooh, the choices are endless.

    15 minutes to go till summer! I can’t wait…