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The Running Road Show

February 29, 2008

Thanks to Ben, I caught the latter half of The Running Road Show, perhaps the only running show on local television today. It is aired on Balls, a sports channel on Sky Cable.

The show was created by the International Association of Athletic Federations (IAAF) and Fox Corp. According to, the show will “visit over 50 countries and will broadcast an all year round entertainment show with 50 weekly episodes covering a variety of topics from lifestyle to competition updates and runner profiles, meeting the world’s greatest runners and reliving the world’s greatest road races.”

I enjoyed the interviews with runners and found myself nodding in agreement as I choked back tears. Just seeing people run, after being gone for so long, made my heart jump. Among the highlights I caught were the features on the Loch Ness Marathon and Paula Radcliffe at the World Championships in Helsinki. (Was that way back in 2005? Sheesh!) There were some supposedly inspiring words from an African runner (I forget his name. It start with a W and has a double ii somewhere in between.) but it’s funny that he only spoke a couple of sentences in English. The rest were in his local language without any subtitles. Hmm, I guess those quotable quotes were meant to inspire only his fellowmen.

Anyhow, it was great to finally watch a show that was solely about Running. I would still wait for the next shows. Actually, I’ve already put them on my cellphone calendar (except for the early morning ones). If you want to see it, here’s the sched from

Fri, Feb 29, 7:30 am
Sat, Mar 1, 3:30 pm
Mon, Mar 3, 5:00 pm
Tues, Mar 4, 2:30 am
Tues, Mar 4, 10:30 am
Sun, Mar 9, 3:00 am
Mon, Mar 10, 6:00 pm
Tues, Mar 11, 8:00 am

More about show here.


Mizuno Sale

February 28, 2008

I’m on saving mode right now to prepare for a summer trip with the hubby and kids. So, no uneccessary purchases for me. None.

As for you, go ahead and enjoy the sale. As with past races, I shall be with you in spirit while you shop!


Li’l TBR Turns 7!

February 28, 2008

Today is a special day. It is the Little Bull Runner’s 7th Birthday today.

Like any mother bull, I am quite amazed at how fast my little baby has grown. Once upon a time, he needed me by his side every waking minute. Now, he is an independent little boy. A little bit on the shy and quiet side just like me when I was young. But, he is smart (ranked 1st in his class for last quarter), creative (loves drawing and art), confident (When I told him his class won in a sports event while he was absent, he innocently replied “How did they win if I wasn’t there?”) and, last but not the least, happy.


– Anton at a football tournament a few weeks back –

Little TBR says that football is the sport for him and we respect that. Lucky for me, he enjoys running too. When I asked him if he wanted to join the Condura Run with me this coming Sunday, he confidently replied “Okay. I’m going to be the fastest kid there.”

The Condura Run would’ve been his 4th race, but the first time that I would be his guardian. During past races, I would run 10k while my hubby would accompany my son at 3k. Due to my injury, I was looking forward to running along with him and enjoying the bonding experience. Secretly, I also planned on subtly training him for future races, to teach him how to warm up properly, to learn to find his pace, and most of all, to enjoy racing as I do. Unfortunately, my little boy had fever all throughout the week and only recovered today. My plan has been shelved—at least temporarily until he fully recovers.

Before I go, you may have noticed that I revised the header that many of you said were too “macho” for prim and proper me (okay, I just added in the last portion of that sentence.) I finally got the go-signal from my creative director, little TBR aka Birthday Boy, who as I’ve mentioned was the one who chose the “mean-looking” bull over the pink one which wore rubber shoes. When I told him that several readers commented that the bull was not “me,” he replied like an artist who must comply with his client’s request, “Fine. Change the bull. Just make sure you don’t use that background with flowers and shoes again.” Then he adds, “Maybe you want to change the color of the rubber shoes or remove it.” I reply with a nod, “Yes, Sir.” Anything Little TBR asks for, he gets—at least on his birthday.

On Cheating

February 25, 2008

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. I have committed a henious crime and I’m ready to pay the price—or perhaps I’m hoping I won’t have to if my dear guardian angel has pity over me.


You see, when no one was looking, I cheated thrice…yes, three times!

Based on my Return to Running Schedule, which I promised to abide by at all cost, I was supposed to only “Walk for 20-40 minutes” five days this week. This is what I did instead:

Monday: Walked 30 mins. – CHECK
Tuesday: Rest (Actually, I was busy with work and the kids)
Wednesday: Walked 35 mins. – CHECK
Thursday: Swimming 2 hours in chilly water, Defrosting 22 hours
Friday: Walk 20 mins., Run 10 mins. – Jumped to Week 3! CHEATED!
Saturday: Rest (Busy, busy with work)
Sunday: Walk 20 mins, Run 15 mins. – Jumped to Week 4! CHEATED!
Monday: Walk 20 mins, Run 15 mins. – Jumped to Week 4! CHEATED!

Am I hurting myself for being impatient and stubborn? Perhaps. Am I happy about running again (albeit at a much slower pace) without feeling any pain and finally breaking a sweat after over a month of extreme bloatedness? Definitely. You couldn’t wipe the smile of my face over the weekend. Sure I missed the Pasig Marathon, but I was reunited with my beloved running so nothing could pull me down.

In fact, I was so elated with the my little triumphs last week that I completely abandoned the gym, yogilates, and the drills my therapist taught me. I know I should be doing all of these to prevent the injuries from recurring, but I guess I was just too excited to hop on the treadmill once again. See, I told you I was bad and I wasn’t exaggerating!

For now, I expect to continue with Week 4 (even when I should technically be on Week 2) and incorporate weights, drills, and swimming back in the sched. While you may be screaming “The woman has no shame nor remorse!”, I am turning a deaf ear and praying that I am doing what I feel is right for my body. Yes, I have cheated and I know I am hurting no one else but myself. And, should my injury rear its ugly head again, I have no one else to blame but my husband—er I mean, myself.

Forgive this bull-headed runner for being just too happy to run again.

2 Days to Pasig Marathon

February 25, 2008

Just two more days till Pasig. As the say in the local vernacular, dalawang tulog na lang! It will be a big day for most Filipino runners, especially those who are running the full 42.195 km.

I will not join the race due to the injury. Initially, I was planning to support Annie, my running buddy who I trained with months ago for this marathon, but I decided otherwise for fear that seeing this super strong athlete suffer in the last 10km might cause me to abandon any future marathon dreams. So, as I’ve told Annie, I will be there in spirit for her and all you runners out there.

To Annie, Patrick, Taki, Baldrunner, Totoy (?) and others who are embarking on the exciting journey of this marathon, good luck! Stay strong and enjoy the ride!

Note:  I posted this on the 22nd and was surprised to find it back in my unpublished drafts.  Hmmph…It was bad enough that I couldn’t join the race and now my blog is playing tricks on me!

The Pasig Marathon is over and Annie finished strong with an unofficial time of 4:07!  Patrick and Taki, how did you do?  Read about Bald Runner’s Pasig experience here.

Sport Beans

February 20, 2008

Sport Beans, made by popular jelly bean maker Jelly Belly, are not your typical jelly beans. These yummy little babies are packed with electrolytes, carbohydrates and Vitamins B1, B2, B3 & C—basically what your typical athlete or sport enthusiast needs during long periods of exercise or activity. It’s like having your Gatorade in candy form—my dream come true!

– The best photo I could take of my ripped and
half-empty pack of Sport Beans. –

Last week, before watching a late night movie, my hubby and I stocked up on snacks at Nuts About Candy in Alabang Town Center. As I filled my bag with loads of my favorite neon worms (er, I’m carbo-loading for a future race), I spotted the Sport Beans on display. Uhm, actually they were all over the store—as I’m sure they are as well in all other branches of Candy Corner and Nuts About Candy. My sister had told me about this last year and I’m glad that it’s finally available here in Manila.

I had a difficult time choosing my flavor: it was a toss up between Fruit Punch and Berry Blue. I ended up getting Fruit Punch because it was the closest to my favorite jelly bean flavor, Cotton Candy. (Can you tell I know my candies?) It tastes like your normal jelly bean although a bit on the sweeter side so it may be tough for some people to consume after a long run. It is also slightly softer than the regular jelly bean but I like it. It’s still a delight to eat and a refreshing change from the regular sports drink. Costs P59.75 for a 1 oz pack.

Little Steps

February 18, 2008

Little steps at a time. That’s what previously-injured-and-now- breaking-PR’s Photographer Ben texted me today about the process of recovery and getting back into running again. Yes, I had to agree. It’s all about baby steps and itsy-bitsy victories for me nowadays; a slow but sure way to start again without slipping back into the problematic realm of injuries.

Over the weekend, I was in a bit of a sour mood having missed out—once again—on some great races. I was particularly looking forward to Hope in Motion since it was held in my running route, Ayala Alabang. It would have been fun to have joined DZMM’s race too and rub running shoes with Juday hah! The Ateneo Aquathlon, as I’ve heard from Marga, was great great fun; I seriously doubt I would’ve joined it sans injury but still I felt awful knowing that there was a race in my alma mater and I couldn’t even come close to considering joining it.

But, I had to remind myself that there were definitely little victories that were worth celebrating. Thrice last week, I was able to walk a full 20 minutes without feeling soreness or pain after. Woohoo! In my swimming lessons, I was finally able to swim laps using the Total Immersion technique and felt more at ease in the water. The gym…er…uhm…okay, it still bores me to death, but at least my tummy is just a wee bit tighter.

Now that I know I can start walking/jogging/running again, I want to be completely safe about it. Yes, people, I have been traumatized by this evil injury and I shall exhaust all possible means to keep him away. I promised my bull headed self that I will follow this “Return to Running Schedule” which I downloaded from Dr. Pribut’s website weeks ago:

Week 1: Walk 10-20 mins every other day
Week 2: Walk 20-40 mins 5 days per week
Week 3: Jog at easy pace 10 min + walk 20 min
Week 4: Jog 15 min + walk 20-30 min
Week 5: Alternate run 15 min/ run 25 min for 4-5 days of the week
Week 6: Alternate run 20 min/30 min
Week 7: Alternate run 20 min/ 30-35 min
Week 8: Alternate run 25 min/ 30-40 min

Far cry from the Higdon Marathon Training Program I posted on my bathroom mirror a couple of months back, but it requires just about the same amount of dedication and will power. It will be quite difficult to resist the temptation to run a little bit longer or harder every now and then, but I’ll try my best.

To all those who ran the three races over the weekend especially Happy Feet runners, congratulations! To all those preparing for Pasig Marathon this Sunday—especially my bestest running buddy,  Annie—best of luck!

Ateneo Aquathlon

February 15, 2008

Better late than never. In case you want to join an aquathlon…er…tomorrow! 🙂

WHAT: Ateneo Aquathlon

WHEN: 17 February 2008

WHERE: College Covered Courts, Ateneo De Manila University

It’s an event aiming to popularize multi-sport activities within the ADMU community. It’s a 600m swim and 5k run for 13 & above while 400m swim and 2.5k run for kids 12 & under.

To all interested in joining the Ateneo Aquathlon, please visit their site or e-mail to get a registration form.

NEWBIE FAQS: (answers are from organizers of the Ateneo Aquathlon)

What is the proper attire? Since it wouldn’t be a long race (half day, done na) for the swim it’s the basic bathing suits for women and swimming trunks/shorts for the men. (Don’t wear board short or anything loose, it becomes a drag)

How is the transition from swimming to running? There will be a transition area where you may prepare all the stuff you need for the run leg. This will be an area only accessible to racers. Don’t worry about your baggage, there will be someone assigned to watch your stuff. There will be signs on the race route to keep everyone well informed.

Do you a have a quota on the number of participants? We’re looking at 300 participants tops.

Where can we register for the race? You may visit There’s a link there about the race, online reg form and instruction for payment.

Registration forms are also available at Planet Sports V-Mall, Alabang Town Center, Shangri-La Mall, TriNoma, and Rockwell, The Athlete’s Foot Glorietta, and New Balance Glorietta. No purchase is required to get a registration form.

Onsite registration will be Php450. For past and present Ateneans, registration fee will only be Php300, so please bring proof of current of former enrollment. Visit our website to see pictures of other Ateneo Swim Team events and past aquathlons.

1st Multo-Sport Night Race

February 14, 2008

I don’t usually include a list of triathlons in my List of Races so I decided to give this race its own post instead.  It’s just so unique (and hilarious!) it has to be shared:

Are you afraid of the dark? Or maybe those that go bump in the night?

Then it’s time to put your night light on and swim, bike and run like hell!

The UP Mountaineers and the UP Varsity Swimming Team present the 1st “Multo-Sport” Night Race, a beginner and sprint-distance triathlon.

The race starts at 10:00 pm and a monster of a party will follow at the stroke of midnight.

Hurry! Only 100 participants will be accepted.

Event Details:

Date: 1 March 2008


8:00 p.m. start of registration
10:00 p.m. start of the race
12:00 p.m. awarding and party

Venue: UP Diliman Pool and Academic Oval

Event Distances:
Beginners Category: 500m swim – 11km bike – 2.5km run
Open Category: 750m swim – 20km bike – 4.7km run

Male and Female age groups (below-25 / 25-40 / above 40)

Mandatory Equipment
– bike
– helmet
– bike blinker (front and back)

Optional (but recommended) Equipment
– headlamp of bike lighting system
– reflector strips

You may visit the UP Diliman Pool from 4:00 p.m. onwards during weekdays to submit your entry form and payment.

We hope to see you there (or we’ll haunt you forever! bwahahaha!!! )

The Pinoy Ultra Runners are Back!

February 13, 2008

Last February 9, 2008, the Pinoy Ultra Runners composed of Neville Manaois, Elizabeth Siojo, Olive Cortez, Dani Dematera, Peter Rivera, Jose De Vera, Jocelyn Saw, Andrew Chinalpan and Pen Nepomuceno conquered their 2nd Run For Your Life Ultramarathon. They ran 65 km from Banaue to Sagada in 9 to 10 hours. Congratulations to the team for a successful and safe run. They raised a significant amount of funds for the benefit of Kythe.

According to Neville, they will soon be offering training for runners interested in joining ultramarathons. The team is currently planning for two races this year. For those interested, just wait for future posts here.

To read more about the Sagada-Banawe adventure, read Neville’s blog.

Lucky for us mere mortals who didn’t have the energy to join their run (at least not yet, right?), the Pinoy Ultra Runners have awesome pics to share. Sit back and drool…







Thanks to Nards for the photos. For more photos, click here and here.