My 3rd Mizuno Run

It was a crazy, busy week; the kind of week where I had absolutely no time to even heave a sigh of relief and every hour or so the runner in me would delirously say to my working mom self: “You must run now or you will go insane.”

Seriously, had I not run the past few days, my hubby would be typing this for me as I would be strapped tight in a strait jacket dictating this from my bed in a mental institution. (Would you know if they have treadmills in there?)

On Tuesday, I ran easy for an hour on the treadmill which did little to alleviate my stress. So, come Thursday, I was like a raging bull determined to get large doses of running into my system.

I hopped unto my treadmill for a challenging 7 km. Then, after a brief rest, I showered to wear yet again another set of running clothes. Despite the cloudy skies, I headed out for the Mizuno Run Club slated for that evening. It was raining by the time I arrived at the scene but runners were persistent that it pushed through…and so it did.

Together with other runners that evening, I ran laps around Bonifacio High Street which, to me, was far better than the last Mizuno Run experience wherein I felt like I was playing dodgeball vs. speeding cars and jeepneys. This was a flat, safe course…which, I learned, is synonymous to fast in the running world. I ran 7 km at 5 min/km pace making my daily total for the day 14 km.

If there is one thing I love about the Mizuno Run Club it is the fact that I run alongside (or more like far behind) the elite runners. Yeah, I eat their dust and watch their long lean legs travel thrice the speed of mine but to simply witness them is a precious gift to a newbie runner like me. Throughout the entire run, it was Drew and I who ran at the same pace (perhaps he was slowing down for me?) so most of the time it felt like we lost the rest of the group. But, every now and then, we would hear quick, light footsteps from behind—almost like a herd of hyenas attacking little kittens like us—and it would be those elite runners in their short shorts (of course I notice those!) swiftly passing us by. Oh, it was awesome! Simply inspiring!

Mizuno Elite Runners

– When do I get legs as long, lithe, and lean as these? –

I headed home that night knowing full well I would be burning the midnight oil with the heaps of work I left behind. But, I was most definitely ready to attack it head on. I was energized and invigorated—and thank God—happy and sane!


6 Responses to “My 3rd Mizuno Run”

  1. Rick Gaston Says:

    uh-oh sounds like someone’s a run addict, going crazy without the running are we?…hmm sounds like withdrawal symptoms. It’s only funny cause I can relate. Anyway fast road runners look like fast road runners wherever you go, the teeny tiny shorts help, I bet they won’t look as fast in baggy shorts. Now and then I’ll do a 10k and I’m totally intimidated by those fast looking boys and girls.

  2. Gelo Arellano Says:

    It was my 1st mizuno run (sept 13) and it was a blast! I think it was you who was slowing down for Drew. Hehe. It was nice meeting you 🙂

  3. Ben Says:

    I know how it feels when you just can’t seem to focus at work or at home. You just got to head out for a run. See you on sunday!

  4. bullrunner Says:

    Rick, we ought to buy a pair of short shorts if only to intimidate others. Let’s go!

    Gelo, nice meeting you too! I sense another runaholic in the making…or maybe you’ll follow in your little bros footsteps and go for a triathlon soon 🙂 Hope to see you again at the next run.

    Ben, are you running with Happy Feet tomorrow? I wanna join!

  5. Drew Says:

    oh yeah jaymie, my bro’s slowly being transformed into a runaholic… he even bought the SHORT shorts already!! hahaha! Go kuya!

    By the way, how was work you had to finish on that night?

  6. bullrunner Says:

    Drew, for all you know, your kuya will be running with the elite team next week because of those short shorts!

    I got the job done! The adrenaline from the run kept me wide awake 🙂

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