Subic Marathon 2008

Boys and girls, online registration for Subic Marathon 2008 is now open!

According to its website, the Subic Marathon “raises the bar in terms of organizing marathon events in the country and in the ASEAN region.” Aside from plans of obtaining accreditation from the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), it is also associated with The Runners Confederation of the Philippines, Inc. (Run-CPI) and Outbound Asia, Inc. (OAI). The Subic Marathon will hand out the biggest top prize of US$ 5000 in any marathon in the region and will offer up to P 1 million in total prizes. Whoaaa, honestly, I’d just be happy running in scenic Subic wearing a scintillating new singlet!

Phew, just visiting their site is getting me all excited. I feel like a 2-year-old who ate too many marshmallows before bedtime. Yeah, it’s time to hit the sack right now but I cannot for the life of me get my mind to stop thinking about kilometers. How long shall I run in Subic? Perhaps I’ll count kilometers—instead of sheep—tonight. 5k…10k…21k…42k. Hmmm…what shall I sign up for?

Click here to visit the official website.


17 Responses to “Subic Marathon 2008”

  1. marga Says:

    by this time dapat kaya ko na mag-21k. syet!

  2. Renz Says:

    takbo tayo dito TBR!
    42k ka na! hehe. πŸ™‚

  3. Levy Says:

    hi bullrunner,

    ive been reading your blog for the past 2-3 months. i really admire your passion for running. to think that based on your posts you only started running seriously this past year, the improvement in time has been dramatic. as for me, ive been jogging for the longest time and it’s only lately that ive tried to do some serious running. iba pala siya, hehe. thank you for your blog and im going to go for the 21K in Subic in January. Hope to see you there. Happy running to you and the Happy Feet group

  4. Rick Gaston Says:

    Did you really use the word “scintillating” in your post:) You’ve already done the 5k and 10ks, how about the 21k?

  5. bullrunner Says:

    Marga, psssttt…bawal mag mura dito haha. Yeah 21k kaya mo yan!

    Renz, yup tara!

    Levy, thanks for dropping by. Looking forward to meeting you in Subic—or maybe even earlier πŸ™‚

    Rick, I only use that to describe well-made singlets haha. I’m aiming for 21k by October. I’m tempted to go for a 42k but I need to consult with my “team of experts” if it’s realistic for me to do that by January…that’s a mere 3 months from now! πŸ˜›

  6. Mary715 Says:

    na-excite ako! i’m thinking the unthinkable doing a 21k…YIKES! (just writing that here sends shivers up my spine…in other words ang kapal na mukha ko hahaha…but i do want to challenge myself..128 days to train…but the christmas season is around the corner so busy, busy busy especially for mommies like us so don’t know if i’ll find the time…oh well whatever basta will definitely run….you should be doing 42k!!! Game!

  7. TRF Says:

    Hi Jaymie,

    Wow! This is something to look forward to, but my only concern is why did they put it so close to the Philippine Int’l Marathon held every Feb. As far as I know it should be 3 months in between just like here in KL. anyway If I managed to get a cheap flight next year I’ll join this one πŸ™‚

  8. bullrunner Says:

    Mary Anne, okay now at least I’m normal. I was just thinking of a 42k and I was getting nervous already hahaha. Actually I was thinking the holidays would be a great time to train for us. Kids are out of school so we can run all we want in the morning, right? πŸ™‚

    TRF, you’re right. I wonder why they didn’t think of that. Hopefully in 2009 they coordinate and fix the scheds. Hey, hope you can make it here πŸ™‚

  9. hitme64 Says:

    january pa pala…to run the 21k in january means to run one 21k before december to get the feel…

    and it says it the ads…proffesionally-run :p hehe, my bad…

    pati si wordpress galit…

    if the milo will showcase a 21k then that’ll do until january…hmmm

  10. Alex Says:

    Go for marathon! 42k!
    I wonder if I’ll do it? Well, if I sign up, I’m just gonna have to, right? The longest I’ve run is 17.5k (only stopped because of upper foot pain – might be the shoe). There is enough time to train… let’s go for it!

  11. roderick poblete Says:

    go for 42K………………there is only one way to find out….
    the new balance 25k power run will be a nice tune to swing the 42k in January…..
    come February the punishing cursed course of Pasig will be a breeze…

  12. Mark Says:

    Registrations is closed! I didnt see it before, last day was Dec. 31

    I emailed the organizers already, no reply yet. Help!

  13. Roadkill Says:

    Any feedback on the Subic Marathon yet? I really want to know what you guys think of the event.

    I did the 10k and my companions both did the 21. For the 10k, I have mostly good things: the scenery was really good & there were only a few uphill parts.

    Wish the race packets had more info–specifics like turn around points and water stations would have helpful. I saw a few people make a wrong turn (some went with the 5k crowd, others went past the 10k turn around point and went with the 21k runners only to go back and catch up with the 10k people) for lack of signage, or just general lack of info (there was a marshal at the 10k turn around but some runners didn’t notice him).

    In any case, the event had an okay turn out, but then I haven’t been to too many of these to really say.

  14. ricky Says:

    was there also. i agree that the 10K route was scenic. will they publish the rankings and time results for each runner? i failed to notice the timer when i reached the finish line.

  15. Roadkill Says:

    My friends were able to check their times there (I didn’t get look, was busy watching the elite runners come in, were they Kenyans? All I have to say to that is WOW!) Since they went through the trouble of recording the runners’ times, they probably will publish.

    By the way, has anyone heard of talk about the Subic Marathon’s distance discrepancies? I heard from two separate groups that the 21k was more like 23 or 24, that is, according to their gps sport devices. Doesn’t really matter I suppose, except to those going for their PR.

  16. Beni Ancheta-Veloso Says:

    Re: 21 K
    Dear Roadkill,

    Subic marathon was OK considering some glitches. My friends and I also thought that the 21 Km run seemed like a 24. I was not aiming for a new PR but…3km more??? It felt like eternity.
    I’m just thankful for the bay and the trees because seeing those produced a lovely hallucinogenic state!


  17. Mike Says:

    I had just finished my 10 k there in subic.. yahoo! πŸ™‚

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