We’ve Got Happy Feet

The Happy Feet is a diverse group of runners who share a common love for running. We take our running very seriously… but (and this is a big BUT… although none of our butts are big) we never take it TOO seriously. We are all for beating PRs, chasing down the competition, and improving our training, but none of these should be undertaken without bouts of laughter, a couple of jokes, or great conversation among friends.

Since joining Happy Feet, I have never gone to a race alone. We register together, agree to meet near the baggage counter of every race, and end the race with anecdotes of our own race experiences. Oh, of course, we take our requisite Happy Feet photo before parting ways. Most of the Happy Feet (usually the single ones which are the majority) share their post-race meals together after each run. I have yet to join an after-run gimmick as the mommy in me holds Sundays as sacred family days for just me, my hubby, and the kids.

Here are photos of our fast-growing Happy Feet group from the recently held Fil-Mus Run For Peace. The photos are courtesy of Ben, Photographer on The Run, who is our official photographer and stylist (yeah, we need one especially after a long, sweat-inducing race!) By the way, Ben has a new 10k PR of 43:01 min. Congratulations again, Ben!

Fil Mus1

Fil Mus2

If you wish to join Happy Feet, you must meet the following conditions:

  1. You must have an obsessive love for running.
  2. You must post as many senseless messages in our e-group as you possibly can.
  3. You must be willing to read many a senseless message in your inbox — without deleting them.
  4. You must laugh at all of Mon’s jokes… you will meet him later on if you sign in.
  5. You must agree to pose for each photo op as required by Photographer Ben and put on a happy face despite the fatigue from a long run.

Should you be interested in joining Happy Feet, just click here.

If you need more incentive to join us (aside from my lovely speech above), check out our soon-to-arrive uniforms…(Oh, we will just look so cool in them, don’t you think?)

HappyFeet Uniform


16 Responses to “We’ve Got Happy Feet”

  1. Rick Gaston Says:

    awww…if I was based in PI I would join Happy Feet. I like laid back people who are not overly serious about their sport.

  2. Ben Says:

    ey TBR!

    Indeed it is a h@ppy group. One of your regular reader Miss Marga just signed in. hehehe

    oh and your shush is really ready for our uniform ey. hehehe 🙂

  3. bullrunner Says:

    Hey rick, e-rod is part of happy feet…you can still join us!

    Ben, yup yup my outfit is ready… just hope I run well in whatever race I use it in haha 🙂

    Yey Marga! Glad you joined us crazy Happy Feet people.

  4. banggigay Says:

    ang nice ng uniform noh? 🙂 cheers to all of us! and yes ben is correct, your new spanking running shoes compliment with the uniform 🙂 woot woot!

  5. Meeya Says:

    how cute naman your running gear 😀 buti na lang may green na accent, kundi truly mala-happy feet the movie colors kayo.

    good luck sa group niyo! sana dumami pa ang members (big butts notwithstanding, hehe).

  6. Rick Gaston Says:

    Thanks but I’ll always be outside looking in, jealous not to be able to partake in the races. I will just have to live vicariously through the Bullrunner. The new gear looks cool and fresh, same color as our rival triathlon club. I think one of the gals there is cute though so wish me luck:)

  7. Chaia Says:

    Whoa! nice blog article 🙂
    Best described characteristic of the group.. and I like our new Uniform! 😀 yeeha!

  8. Nora del Rosario Says:

    How I wish I were 20 years younger! I really envy you guys. Di bale, magtatatag ako ng Happy Feet Seniors heh heh heh . . .

    Are you running 42k in the Subic National Marathon? I’ve talked with Marie. It will be on Jan. 20, 2008. They have a website:

  9. marga Says:

    Yehey! I’m now part of the mailing list! 🙂

  10. bullrunner Says:

    Rick, oooh sounds like a telenovela in the making! Keep me updated haha.

    Chaia, thanks! I hope our uniform makes it to Sydney with you 🙂

    Nora, you can still join! We don’t have an age limit 🙂 I just posted about subic marathon. I’m considering the 42k but I don’t know if i can seriously train for it over the holidays. Still thinking 🙂

    Marga, I heard! Yahoo! Welcome to the group 🙂

  11. Renz Says:

    6. you must run with h@ppy feet! 🙂 bawal seryoso sa dito… hehe

  12. caloyb Says:

    wishful thinking: i hope i could run in one of the many races in metromanila and get to run with you people. you really look like a fun bunch to be with! 🙂

  13. running diva Says:

    Ey, TBR, it’s been a year now from the time I first log on to impromptu_runners e-group. Glad I did! Now, I’m a bonafide member of Happy Feet. This is a cool blog you have. Because of you and Ben (Photographer on the Run), I was encouraged to maintain my blog. 🙂

  14. Meeting H@ppy Feet « theloonyrunner Says:

    […] The H@ppy Feet Impromptu Runners is a social group of people who just love to run, and the camaraderie associated with it. The group is currently expanding exponentially, with members found in all corners of the metro, some members are even located overseas! (For more details and how to join, click here). […]

  15. efren antiporda Says:

    i met roselle during botak paabilisan thats how i came to know happy feet. i registered na nga in fact ngayon lang. i love the new uniform. magkano ang membership at singlet

  16. Cherry Bautista Says:

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    May we post our announcement in your website. May I get your email address so I can forward our annoucement.

    We humbly look forward to our partnership. Thank you.

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